Museum Pass Policy

Discount Museum Passes

Discounted museum passes may be borrowed from the library by patrons, 18 years and
up, who have a valid CW MARS library card in good standing (i.e. no outstanding fines
over $10 or lost items).

Passes and coupons should be reserved in advance. If you make a reservation, but
change your mind, you are requested to cancel the reservation so that the pass is
available for another patron. See for a list of passes
and the privileges afforded. Check the venue websites for visitor details.

The Bigelow Library reserves the right to revoke borrowing privileges if an individual or
family abuses the pass privilege.
Any borrower who loses a returnable pass is responsible for the full replacement cost of
that pass.

Revised & approved by Trustees 1/2023
Approved by Trustees 3/2015