February 2015 Minutes

Unofficial Minutes of Trustees Meeting of February 18, 2015

Meeting called to order by Nancy at 3:10pm. With the exception of Fran Purcell, all members were in attendance. Pledge of Allegiance was recited. No public comment.

Minutes of January 29th minutes were approved by Caroline, 2nd by Gloria and approved by all.

Old Business

We proceeded to review draft of FY16 budget suggesting a few corrections and revisions. Gloria submitted a draft of a document entitled State of Bigelow Free Public Library Building — A Document of Concern from the Trustees of BFPL. We discussed the draft and made a few minor corrections. Caroline made motion to accept document and corrections, Susan seconded and all were in agreement. This document is to be included with the budget narrative, referenced under Repairs and attached to all financial documents. Caroline made motion to attatch document to all finacials, Susan 2nd and all approved. A motion was made by Gloria to send the revised FY16 budget and attatchments (including a Value Calculator) to the Town Administrator. Motion 2nd by Susan and agreed to by all.

Directors Report

New Business

Stats on museum passes, programs and meetings held at BFPL provided to us by director. Briefly discussed upcoming events. Dates and times, as well as synopses of events are available on library web site and calendars.

Gloria agreed to write a short essay for the “Trustees Corner” for the upcoming Library Newsletter.

Gloria also to attend a workshop “Caring for Historical Records: An Introduction” on March 19th. The cost is $100.00, to be paid for with Grant money.

Our next meeting will be held on March 19th at 7pm. Motion to adjourn was made by Gloria at 4:30pm. Russ seconded the motion and everyone was in agreement.

Susan Franco