May 2020 Minutes

The meeting was held remotely, via Zoom, because of the pandemic.

The meeting began at 4:01 pm with a roll call vote of those in attendance: Trustees Gloria Parkinson, chairwoman; Wendy Neil, vice chairwoman; Karen Nugent, secretary; Tracy Colangione, Angela DeVivo, and E. Russell Grady; and Library Director Marie Letarte.

  1. APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Minutes of the April 1, 2020 were amended as follows: Under NEW/OLD BUSINESS, STAFFING, The sentence “Ms. Letarte said trustees do not control how staffing is done, it is up to the town and the Board of Health,” to: “Trustees can close the building, but can’t order staff to still be paid -unless they are working – because library staff are town employees.” Also, in the next sentence, “Board of Health” was changed to “Board of Selectmen”

The amended minutes were unanimously approved by roll call vote.




                A.  Covid-19 Updates: Ms. Letarte said town officials met on May 11 to discuss the latest information from the state, but there wasn’t enough to go on yet. State officials are expected to give more details on May 18. The next BOS meeting is May 20.

Ms. Letarte said as for facilities, items such as Plexiglass and personal protection equipment (mask, gloves, wipes) are back ordered. She said the building is not yet safe enough to open until these and other health-related matters are resolved.

A draft plan from the state Board of Library Commissioners was handed out and discussed. It was agreed that a re-opening plan would be sent to the town administrator once a final report from the MBLC (Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners) is received. One of the first things to be addressed will be the return of all books and materials to various libraries.

B. Fiscal 2021 BUDGET: There is no new information. Ms. Letarte said she has not been asked to re-do the current budget or submit next year’s (FY 2021) proposed budget. State aid numbers are not yet available. The town meeting is still scheduled for June 22. The town election is scheduled for June 29.

  • BUILDING FEASIBILITY RFP: A total of six companies sent in proposals. Ms. Letarte said she contacted them and they are all willing to wait until the pandemic eases. Mr. Grady said he objects to spending up to $40,000 on a building study under the current uncertain conditions. He suggested using state aid money in a more frugal way, such as repairing windows. Ms. Parkinson agreed. Ms. Neil questioned if the facilities department budget could be used for such repairs. She said it is not fair to leave the companies who submitted bids in limbo. It was agreed to wait until there is more information on state aid and the town budget.
  • The new book drop has been ordered and will be delivered to Town Hall.

      E. COMMUNITY ROOM PROGRESS: Ms. Letarte said the French doors and the exterior door arrived. Contractor Jim Mayou is able to work in the building while it is closed and Ms. Letarte was asked to get an time frame of when they will be installed.

F. PERSONNEL: Ms. Letarte said activities such as Toddler Facebook Live continue, along with other virtual programs, online training, and courses. She said it is unclear if there will be a summer reading program unless it is completely electronic.

Offers were made for two part-time library assistant positions, previously posted. Both applicants say they are still interested, but will wait.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:18 pm.

The next meeting is scheduled for 4:30 pm on June 23, via Zoom.

Minutes submitted by Karen Nugent, secretary.