March 2015 Minutes

Minutes of Trustees Meeting of March 19, 2015

Meeting called to order by Nancy at 7:10pm. And Pledge of Allegiance was recited. All members were in attendance. No public comment.

Minutes of Feb. meeting were approved by Caroline, 2nd by Gloria and accepted by all.

Old Business

Russ was disturbed because the last warrant went to Town Hall before he had the opportunity to review it. (As long as 4 Trustees sign off on it it’s good to go). We all agreed that everyone on the Board should have an opportunity to review and sign if they so wish.

Gloria will write and circulate at the next meeting, a paper pertaining to the workshop she attended on March 19th.

Executive minutes released for 2014 need to be purged. All were in agreement.

Director was asked by Board to contact the Fire Chief to arrange a fire drill for the Library within the next 30 days. Russ made this motion, 2nd by Caroline and agreed to by all.

New Business

A Budget meeting with the Selectboard and Library Director and Trustees is scheduled for April 1 at 7pm.

The library received our first portion of State Aid shortly after our last meeting. The amount awarded to us was $9,059.60.

Statistics were provided by the Director on museum passes, programs and meetings held in February.

Marie presented us with a Home Book Delivery Application Form which we all read and discussed; probably will necessitate volunteer help. Russ voted to accept, 2nd by Gloria and approved by all.

A revised Museum Pass Policy was also read and discussed. Susan made motion to accept the policy with the addition of the library phone number. Seconded by Gloria and accepted by all.

Our next scheduled meeting will be held on April 16th from 6 to 8pm. This meeting was adjourned at 9pm with Russ making the motion to adjourn and Fran 2nding. Everyone agreed.

Susan Franco