September 2021 Minutes

Board of Library Trustees – Minutes for Sept. 23, 2021

Call to order by Wendy Neil at 5:59 pm, 2nd by Gloria Parkinson

In attendance, Wendy Neil, chair; Sarah Laganelli, vice-chair; Gloria Parkinson; Francisco Ramos; Marie Letarte, Director. Absent: E. Russell Grady and Karen Nugent

No public comment

Motion to approve minutes made by Wendy Neil @ 6 pm, 2nd by Gloria Parkinson, vote held 3 trustees approved, Francisco Ramos abstained

Director’s Report
Community room updates by Marie Letarte, carpeting, storage areas, paint, etc.

Request sample of the carpet from local rug company that is compatible with the border

Motion to approve cost of expanded storage areas ($37,750) by Wendy Neil, second by Sarah Laganelli, all approved.

Director will produce a spreadsheet of costs/expenditures for community room.

Growing size of Clinton’s population requires different state aid formula and requires library to be open 50 hours per week to stay compliant, This is 10 additional hours weekly by 2024 from the previous minimum. The library is currently open 45 hrs per week. Director will brainstorm ways to fit in additional hours.

Friends update
14 new members @ Old Home Day

OHD sales of $1,300, including book sale, raffle, donations, memberships

Book group and Friends donation drive scheduled for Oct. with Hank Phillippi Ryan

Budget report update by Marie Letarte. Some concern by trustee Gloria Parkinson that overruns of the Community Room project will exceed state aid account. Director recommended postponing camera systems and book drop for budgeting reasons until community room costs finalized.

Advocacy and outreach update by Gloria Parkinson. She expressed a need for post-covid outreach. Gloria Parkinson recruited Francisco Ramos, who immediately volunteered to serve on the Advocacy and Outreach Subcommittee.

Date of next meeting: October 26, 6:00 PM

Motion to adjourn made by Gloria Parkinson at 6:50, second by Sarah Laganelli, all approved.

Minutes submitted by Gabrielle Turcotte.