March 2021 Minutes

Library trustees meeting- minutes for March 23, 2021

Meeting called to order at 4:01pm

All present (Chairwoman Gloria Parkinson, Stephanie Amell, E Russell Grady, Sarah Laganelli, Wendy Neil, Karen Nugent, Library Director Marie Letarte)

Approval of minutes
Motion to accept February 23 made by E. Russell Grady
Motion seconded by Karen Nugent.
All approved

No public comment

Director’s report

  • Library has been open to the public for a week and half now with no problems.
  • The selectboard has voted to open all public buildings.
  • Discussion was made on whether or not the library should remain open.
  • Cleaning methods and precautions with headsets and keyboards have remained in action.
  • Check for CARES Act funding has arrived.
  • Bigelow Free Public Library has been mentioned in an article in the Boston Globe about food programming in the library.
  • Adjustment to budget.
  • Donation to be used for community room renovations. Any overruns will be paid from state aid.
  • New facilities director has now started at the position and will be informed of happenings of the community room.
  • Security cameras should be made a priority to mention to the facilities director.

LLB Architects presentation on a possible renovation/addition to the library.

Safety issues

  • Interior open egress stair
  • Stack wing ceiling and floor structure
  • Exterior windows have rotted sills
  • Water on second level
  • Chimney/ masonry work has begun to tilt
  • 1991 addition contains more cracks than the original structure.

Existing building

  • Would need full compliance with ADA/MAAB
  • Existing value- $1,093,400
  • Threshold of cost of renovations that would kick on the need to be compliant with ADA/MAAB- $328,020
  • Make quarter of the building accessible to the public that isn’t currently.
  • A new structure would be constructed inside of the original for seismic stability.
  • Proposed floor plans
  • Preliminary project costs
  • Aid for hazardous building/ unsafe historic grants
  • Possible new sites.

Community room

  • Proposed floor and furniture plans
  • Where is water leak coming from

Twenty to thirty thousand in all costs

E. Russell Grady made motion to approve funding up to $30,000 for the community room.
Karen Nugent seconded motion. Unanimously approved

If possible, the director will invite the new facilities director to our next meeting.

Authorize Library Director to submit draft to Mike Ward before April 20 if warrant article is needed to fund repairs to the roof.  Gloria Parkinson will contact town accountant and town administrator concerning the need for a warrant article.

Facility Director will come in to have a look at fire escape and leak.

Whitney Brothers Oil will be asked about the possibility of possibility oil tanks in the front yard.

Motion to adjourn made by E. Russell Grady. Unanimously approved.

Meeting adjourned at 6:52 pm

Minutes submitted by Stephanie Amell.