June 2014 Minutes

Official Amended Minutes of Trustees Meeting of June 19, 2014

Ina Purvins, a member of the public in attendance at the meeting, asked for and received permission to record the minutes of this meeting.

Nancy Starr opened the meeting at 6:06pm., and the Pledge of Allegiance was recited by all present. The board welcomed newly-elected Russ Grady. We also decided to retain the officers of the board who have held their positions since the last election. This was approved unanimously.

Minutes of May meeting were read by Susan Franco, with some amendments made by Gloria Parkinson. These were discussed and Caroline Keiger made a motion to accept as amended – 2nd by Fran Purcell – accepted by all.

Russ had a conversation with Ina Purvins at this point of the meeting and Gloria suggested that we review open meeting policy pertaining to public dialogue vs. conversation. Russ would like to request a ruling from Town Counsel on this subject.

Russ then made a suggestion to move “Public Comment” to the start of our meeting so that if people did not wish to stay for entire meeting they would be allowed to speak and then to leave if they wished.

A motion was made by Gloria to accept this suggestion and also to make the change a permanent one. 2nd by Caroline – accepted unanimously by all.


Gloria made a motion to move Trustees Report from New Business to Old Business. All present agreed, as the report pertained to the 5-Yr Plan. Gloria submitted unofficial notes for discussion by Board and Director. Additions were made for web-site design and much needed parking for patrons. 5-year Plan is a 4-month process. Board to review and give any comments to Marie by July 1. A rough draft will be done in July and a public hearing (which must be posted) will take place in August with the final review in Sept. It is to be submitted to the state October 1.

Board went over the goals in the 2008 Plan – some have been achieved but many were economically impossible to do. We reviewed 2008’s Mission Statement and added the words “and recreational’” to the fourth line of the Statement after the word information and before the word resources.

Forms for joining MLTA (discussed in previous meeting) were passed out by Gloria, read and filled in by all trustees and returned to Gloria to be forwarded to MA Lib. Trustees Assoc.


Director’s Report

Staff meeting to be held on Fri., June 21. Caroline and Gloria to work the desks.

  1. a) Timesheets to be picked up and checks distributed by Gloria on June 25 thru 27. She’ll perform this task whenever Marie is not available. Susan to be the backup. A new timesheet for better tracking of days to be introduced to staff by Marie.

  2. Budget – Trustees and Marie reviewed the year. State Aid will cover any outstanding bills as of July 1st.

  3. Survey results were gone over by Marie and all unanimously approved June 30th as the survey cutoff date.

  4. Collection Development and Library Lending Policies were read and amended. All changes approved by the board.

  5. Recent programs have been well attended and there are a great many upcoming events. (See Library calendar) Library also taking part in Sidewalk sales on June 21.

  6. The next newsletter is in progress. Fran agreed to again do a book report. Mention was also made of a reception for Winnie Hastings to take place on July 18.

  7. Passes for Southwick Zoo and Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum are now available.

  8. The library also is reaching out to various members of the community with programming, summer reading and field trips – the senior center, Corcoran House and the schools are all included. Also many webinars and workshops are continuing to be attended by the director and the staff.

  9. New copier/printer is needed. Ours is a 2001 model. An all-in-one – printer, copier, scanner, is being looked at. Marie feels it would be more cost effective to buy a copier rather than lease. With a Gold Star maintenance contract (recommended by Marie) we would receive free toner.

  10. Russ made mention, that after touring the closed stacks, he feels an air quality evaluation should become a top priority of the library.

At 9pm the trustees entered Executive Session to discuss personnel and retirement matters. The board came out of session at 9:35 pm.

At 9:40pm motion was made by Susan to adjourn. All members were in agreement. Next meeting to be held July 17 at 6:00pm.

Susan Franco, Sec.