April 2021 Minutes

Library Trustees Meeting Minutes for April 27th @ 4:30

Call to order @ 4:30 p.m. by Ms. Parkinson.

In attendance: Chairwoman Gloria Parkinson, Stephanie Amell, E. Russell Grady, Sarah Laganelli, Wendy Neil, Karen Nugent, Library Director Marie Letarte, and Facilities Director Brian Farragher.

Ms. Parkinson suggested to move two agenda items to the beginning of the meeting,
     1) Introduction of new Facilities Director
     2) Strategic Building and Advocacy Plan

Mr. Grady made the Motion to move the two agenda items and Ms. Nugent seconded. All Approved.

New Business

Ms. Parkinson introduced Mr. Farragher. Mr. Farragher talked about looking for a punch-list of priorities from all the facilities so he can get a grasp. The new budget will be approved in July so he will have a better idea then of the money and what he can “tackle”.

Ms. Parkinson talked about Mr. Farragher communicating with Ms. Letarte on the “day to day” things that come up. Ms. Neil brought up the installation of video cameras. Ms. Letarte said that she’d requested a proposal/estimate for installation. . Mr. Farragher said he needed communication about who was installing them. Mr. Grady mentioned the fire escape and asked if Mr. Farragher had seen it. Mr. Farragher stated that he will move it to the “top of his list.”

Ms. Parkinson discussed that the board and Mr. Farragher come up with goals of what needs to be looked at by the facilities director and prioritize the building needs early in the calendar prior to budget discussions..

Mr. Farragher stated that his “goal is to be proactive and plan ahead.”

Mr. Grady asked that getting a second “drop-box” be put as a priority for the building and let Mr. Farragher know about previous discussions about a second drop-box being needed and that it would be “coming down the pipeline.

Mr. Farragher talked about that he already approved work to be done on the roof/chimney. The 3 vents will be reframed and sealed, new shingles and redo the flashing around the chimney.

Ms. Parkinson asked if there were remaining funds to work with to do this to which Mr. Farragher responded that he had already spoken with the town accountant and that remaining funds would cover the work needed.

Mr. Grady let Mr. Farragher know of the grant to do the community room over and asked if he had a painter in mind to which Mr. Farragher responded he would add it to his list as well as talk to a contractor about rugs that were looked at through LLB to compare prices.

Community Room Subcommittee (Ms. Neil, Mr. Grady and Ms. Nugent) confirmed if they look at the sample and then tell Ms. Letarte it’s fine then can they just move forward.

Mr. Farragher left the meeting at 5:10 P.M.

Ms. Parkinson wanted to discuss when the Board wanted to go before the Selectboard. Ms. Parkinson volunteered to monitor Selectboard meetings & report back. Ms. Neil suggested when the community room is complete and tell them we paid with the Library’s money and that it brings our “presence” to the town and the Selectboard.

Ms. Parkinson asked for a motion to be made to accept the Strategic and Advocacy Plan. Ms. Neil made the motion and Mr. Grady Seconded. All approved.

Approval of Minutes

Mr. Grady made a motion to approve and Ms. Nugent seconded.

2 misspellings of Ms. Nugent’s name. Also corrected that the entire Board approved adjournment. Mr. Grady approved as amended and Ms. Nugent seconded. All approved

Public Comment



Ms. Letarte made the Board aware that one of the Userful patron Servers that had been malfunctioning has been fixed.

Discussion on the Policy Overview for printing and faxing and the policies weren’t really matching the procedure. Ms. Parkinson asked if after COVID-19 that patrons will still be charged? Ms. Letarte said the library could keep the procedure as it is and that fax would be free and we could put a sign that goes along the lines of “Donations Welcome! Thank you for helping your library”

The cost is 7 cents a copy for color. Amended printing/copying/faxing policies and procedures.

Ms. Nugent made a motion to accept the revised printing/copying policy and Ms. Neil seconded. All approved

Patrons are still defaulting to the Book Shack for pick up but are coming into the library to browse.

Community room update. Ms. Neil talked about how we talked already about it in the beginning of the meeting. Ms. Letarte mentioned that she would still like the closet space in the room and Ms. Neil brought up looking at the chairs they requested again.

Jasonics Security Corp met with Marie. There is no money in the facilities budget for the cameras so the Library will pay with state aid.

Programming/Computing/ Technology

Ms. Letarte received an annual letter from the Council on Aging about senior tax rebate volunteers. Volunteers have not been welcomed back yet as 30 minute visits are still the cutoff but hoping soon to get to 60 minutes. Response not due until July 1st so we can discuss further at next meeting.

Transitioning to online Museum Module where patrons of the library can reserve and print museum passes.

Summer programming is not anticipated to have unrestricted access. Hoping to do as many outdoor programs that can happen.

Renewed Zoom Subscription and continue to have 100-person meeting maximum.

Discussed how inclement weather is a factor with outdoor programs but still wish to do it as often as possible.

RBDigital, the database provider, is dropping AcornTV which is the most popular offering of this. Hoopla has some AcornTV offerings but they are more limited. Hoopla. has a cost per circulation model


Received second state aid deposit of $12,560.42 which is it until next year.
Received $1,000 from Friends for programs $500 for youth and $500 for adults.
Distribution from the Community Foundation of $790.00

Personnel/ meeting/ outreach

Ms. Letarte discussed how she registered for a program about space planning.

Discussed about Head of Youth Services attended the Youth Mental Health First Aid, and the Head of Adult Services registered for ALA virtual conference in June. Ms. Letarte is also on a panel for the virtual MLA conference in May.

Old Business

Discussed the Community room previously in the meeting however Ms. Neil reiterated that she wanted to see the rug samples again and then have Mr. Farragher discuss to see that they can get and if they could get it cheaper. It will be $1,850.00 for the fee to have a professional estimate done on the community room.

Date of Next Meeting

Thursday May 20th, 2021 in person and outdoors. Bad Weather the meeting will take place on Zoom. Ms. Letarte mentioned the meeting needs to stay on a schedule so we can be done by 6:15.

Mr. Grady made a motion to hold the meeting. Ms. Laganelli seconded.

Meeting Adjourned @ 6:03 P.M.

Ms. Nugent made a motion to adjourn and Ms. Neil seconded the motion. All approved