June 2017 Minutes

Library Trustee minutes of June 15, 2017

The meeting convened at 6:02 p.m. in the Children’s Library conference room, 2nd floor.
In attendance were: Library Director Marie Mueller, Trustees: Gloria Parkinson, chairwoman; Wendy Neil, vice-chairwoman; Tracy Colangione, Angela DeVivo, Karen Nugent, and Alexandra Zapantis.
ELECTION OF OFFICERS: Ms. Parkinson was re-elected chairwoman (motion by Ms. Nugent, seconded by Ms. Colangione); Ms. Neil was re-elected vice-chairwoman (motion by Ms. Parkinson, seconded by Ms. Colangione); Ms. Nugent was re-elected secretary (motion by Ms. Parkinson, seconded by Ms. Colangione.) All three were unanimously voted in.
A vote to accept the minutes of the May 18 meeting passed unanimously (motion by Ms. Neil, seconded by Ms. Colangione.)
The board welcomed new members Angela DeVivo and Alex Zapantis, who were elected in the June 12, 2017 town election.
There were no public comments.
BUDGET: The town meeting approved the library’s FY18 budget of $412,392, including $65,975 for materials (16 percent) as required by the state. The town has a new budget formulation procedure .
OLDE HOME DAY: As previously decided, art work by the winners of each category in the OHD art show will be displayed somewhere in the library for a month, after OHD. Ms. Mueller will further discuss the placement with Laura Taylor of OHD.
COMMUNITY ROOM: There still has been no response from the Clinton Home Foundation regarding the grant proposal for renovations. Ms. Parkinson will continue to contact them about it. Meanwhile, it was decided again to go ahead with window and exterior door replacement.
The board voted unanimously 6-0 (motion by Ms. Neil, seconded by Ms. DeVivo) to ask Phil Duffy, director of the Clinton Economic and Community Development Office, for specifications on the windows (as they are historic) by the next meeting; and to make a decision by the end of October on other funding options.
PUBLIC RELATIONS STRATEGY: The board will form a subcommittee on marketing, and a discussion on various strategies took place, including: sending letters of introduction to new residents, contacting schools, daycare facilities, home-schoolers, and condo associations; using social media, a scavenger hunt at the library, and enhancing and helping out with the Friends’ booth at OHD. The board then voted unanimously (motion by Ms. Zapantis, seconded by Ms. Neil) that each trustee would come up with two marketing ideas for the next meeting.
TRUSTEE AGENDA PROCEDURE: The meeting agenda will be posted the Friday before each meeting. Trustees should get agenda items to the chairwoman and director no later than the Wednesday evening of that week.
CONSUMPTION OF FOOD DURING MEETINGS: Ms. Mueller ordered a pizza prior to the meeting, as it was expected to be a long one, and to welcome new trustees. Ms. Parkinson asked all trustees to give their opinions on eating during meetings. She acknowledged that “little nibbles” are acceptable to her, but not full meals. Trustees Colangione, DeVivo, Neil, Nugent, and Zapantis said they do not have a problem with eating during meetings, unless there is a pressing matter and members of the public are present. Several trustees, and Ms. Mueller, said often they have not had dinner and are ready to pass out by the end of meetings. Ms. Parkinson then gave a statement on the importance and meaning of being elected to public office, and that it should not be denigrated or made to look unprofessional. The board voted 5-1 (motion by Ms. Nugent, seconded by Ms. Neil) to allow the consumption of food at meetings. Ms. Parkinson cast the dissenting vote.
Ms. Mueller gave the report, including updates on the budget, personnel, facilities and programs. Regarding personnel, she said a formal challenge will be made on a pay grade change for the children’s librarian position made by a consultant working for the town Personnel Board. The position was graded the same as the administrative assistant to the public works department. Trustees agreed the children’s library position, which includes day-to-day supervision, management, and purchasing power should be upgraded. Trustees also voted unanimously (motion by Ms. Colangione, seconded by Ms. Zapantis) to form a Human Resources Subcommittee consisting of Ms. Parkinson and Ms. Neil.
Trustees decided that from now on, the director’s report will follow the approval of minutes at the beginning of meetings, rather than at the end.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:58 p.m. The next meeting is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. July 13 at the library. Agenda items should be in by July 5.
Minutes submitted by Karen Nugent, secretary.