October 2021 Minutes

Minutes of Oct. 26, 2021 – Board of Library Trustees

Call to order at 5:56 by Wendy Neil, second by Gloria Parkinson

In attendance — Trustees Francisco Ramos, Karen Nugent, Wendy Neil, Sarah Laganelli, Gloria Parkinson, Town Administrator Mike Ward, Director Marie Letarte

No Public comment

Motion to approve minutes for September 23 by Wendy Neil, 2nd by Gloria Parkinson

Discussion to amend September’s minutes of growing Clinton population in excess of 15,000, different state aid certification requirements, including that the library must be open 50 hours/week.

Motion to amend minutes by Gloria Parkinson, 2nd by Wendy Neil. Unanimous vote yes, Karen Nugent abstained

New business

Marie explained to the town administrator Mike Ward the changes in the library over the next 3 years: renovations needed, increased hours requirement, removal of large tables to be replaced with smaller tables due to the fact that no one wants to share a table. Mike Ward said that the library could possibly use federal CARES Act grant money for the new tables.

  • Old Collection upstairs, procurement laws state for removal of municipally-owned items, must be posted in legal notice for 14 days as is; if there is no-bid, there is no value, and can be disposed of. After the items deemed of interest to Clinton are put aside, the old collection will be up for auction as one lot.

Mike Ward left at 6:32

Motion to move the discussion of old book collection to now by Wendy Neil, 2nd by Gloria Parkinson

  • Library director, project coordinators, and Historical commission representative will walk through the collection to see if there is anything of historical interest.
  • Will report at November meeting

Discussion of increase of the library hours, new hirings, new hours, more staff

Chair signed letter to Selectboard informing them of the resignation of former trustee E. Russell Grady. Marie sending a letter to select board regarding temporarily open position on Library trustee board

Director’s report

  • Digital library cards for online use in beta testing for CWMARS network
  • Advocacy and outreach – will make the library more accessible to people who do everything online. Trustees and director agreed that the e-card should have full access to library’s  electronic resources
  • Expenses for the community room
  • No Friends update – board hasn’t met
  • New employee evaluation form is ready
  • Discussion of community room renovations- carpet, chairs

HR rep will be invited to next meeting

Annual report for July 2020- June 2021 (FY21) reviewed & discussed

            ~lightly edited by Gloria Parkinson~

Advocacy and Outreach Committee report

Trustees can do more sharing of library posts (share the images from the annual report)

How to revive Friends group


Date of next meeting: November 23, 2021, 6 PM, possible date for December 16 @ 6pm

Motion to adjourn by Gloria Parkinson at 8:19, 2nd by Wendy Neil——-

Minutes submitted by Gabrielle Turcotte