RFP Subcommittee Meeting

RFP writing subcommittee of the Board of Library Trustees.


Meeting convened at 3:15pm

In attendance: Gloria Parkinson, Angela DeVivo, Library Director Marie Letarte, Town Administrator Mike Ward

The committee discussed with Mike Ward how to submit an RFP

  1. 2 weeks posted in The Item
  2. CommBuys (send to Mike W. to post)
  3. Secretary of State’s office website Records Div.
    1. Must include who to contact (library director)
    1. Due date
    1. Time & date of opening of bids
    1. Any changes to the RFP must be posted online (and indicated as such in the RFP) or anyone who contacts us for information must be notified with updates.
  4. Okay to contact companies about the upcoming RFP
  5. Procurement officer (M. Ward) opens the proposals. Price must be in a separate envelope & opened after all proposals are reviewed and voted on.
  6. Review Committee (4-6 people) will review proposals and pick 3 to ask to come in for a presentation.
  7. Choose final, open price envelope

M. Ward will send the library director electronic copies of the ADA transition plan, final proposals of the Fire House & Senior Center building assessments.


Subcommittee. Meeting convened at 12:32.

Gloria Parkinson & Marie Letarte were in attendance. Mike Ward was available by phone to answer questions

Update on progress of the RFP:  Boilerplate language copied from the firehouse/STEM RFP feasibility study

Library Director had conferred with both Town Administrator Mike Ward & Economic Development Director Phil Duffy about writing the RFP & procedures.  Facilities Director Russ Karstad agreed to review the RFP before submission.

Scope of Work needs to be more detailed.  Estimated maximum price was recommended at $40,000.

Meeting adjourned at 1:35