July 2014 Minutes

Minutes of Trustees Meeting of BFPL on July 17, 2014

In attendance were Gloria Parkinson (serving as Chair), Fran Purcell, Russ Grady, Susan Franco and Marie Mueller. Nancy Starr and Caroline Keiger were absent. Also in attendance were two members of the public, Jim Webster and Ina Purvins. Ms. Purvins asked for and was given permission to record the meeting.  Meeting was called to order at 6:05 pm and Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Minutes of June Meeting were accepted by Fran, 2nd by Russ and accepted by all. Typos to be corrected before posting.


Ina Purvins requested that the word “closed” be inserted before the word “brainstorming” in the public comment section of the May minutes. Wants to be clear that she is not opposed to brainstorming but is against closed brainstorming. Also feels that her many communications have not been discussed or handled by Trustees in Open Meetings.


An air quality assessment was provided by Mike Feeney of the Dept. of Pub. Health on July 23rd. Some recommendations have already been addressed – box fans in stacks; window wells and drains cleared. Full report to come.

Research into establishing a BFPL Foundation is underway. We shall try to set up a speaker, Rick Blaine, for October, to explain more about the workings and benefits of a Foundation.

Full Board membership applications for MLTA have been sent to Association.

5-Yr. Strategic Plan draft was submitted to Trustees by Marie to obtain any input we may have.


Fire Exits – these MUST be clear – NOTHING should be on the fire escapes or blocking the fire escape entrances. Problem to be taken care of ASAP. All were in agreement.

A mailing address was supplied pertaining to Board membership in MA Friends of Libraries. Forms to come.

Russ told us that the Lions Club will donate a picnic table to the library for the front yard.

Staff meeting7/18, 9-10am. A motion was made by Russ that staff meetings be held at 8:00am. This could be done for 3 months to see how it works out. Fran 2nd and vote was unanimous.

Touched on Open House to be held for Winnie Hastings on Fri., July 18 from 3 to 5pm.

Work is progressing on ARIS report.

Briefly reviewed budget – We need to continue pursuing roof repair A date is needed.

Volunteers were discussed. We now have a High School girl volunteering for 2 hours per week. Marie to see if Director of Sr. Cntr. Feels that any seniors would be available for a few hours.

The library will hold off on opening on Thurs. evenings until the Fall.

Another quote for the boiler conversion is needed. We have two presently. All Trustees agreed that a job spec sheet will be written up for all quotes pending and to include those already submitted.

Electric behind main desk must be upgraded before CWMars training begins. Also discussed the different levels of training for the staff, which will be needed to implement

the CWMars system. Training sessions will be held on Fridays and the library will be closed on those days. Closings will be posted beforehand.

Motion for addressing amendments for minutes of Jan. 16th and March 20th will be included in the upcoming August packet. Motion made by Susan and 2nd by Fran. All members in agreement.


Board went into Executive Session at 7:55pm, for the purpose of discussing Personal Board information and for approval of the ad to be published advertising the two available positions in the library. We came out of session at 8:42pm.

Our next meeting will be held on August 21, 2014 for 1 hour as a Strategic Planning Committee Meeting has previously been scheduled for 7pm that evening. At 8:50 a motion was made by Susan to adjourn and 2nd by Fran and approved by all.

Susan Franco