March 2014 Minutes

Bigelow Free Public Library

Minutes of Trustees’ Meeting of March 20, 2014

Meeting called to order at 7:05pm by Nancy. All in attendance except Sarah. Pledge of Allegiance was recited and minutes from 2/20/14 were read by Susan; Caroline made motion to approve and Fran 2nded.

Old Business

An update (Update 1) of BFPL’s older collection history has been compiled by the trustee’s and was read aloud by Gloria. Susan made motion to accept with minor corrections and Fran 2nded. Will be available to be read on  library’s web site.

New Business

Directors Report

March staff meeting (9-10 am, Fri. 3/21). Fran and Caroline to “man” desks.

Discussed FinCom Meeting – Tues. at 6:30 pm. We have two areas that we will need to request transfers to from the reserve fund in order to cover necessary expenses; 1) for librarian’s salaries and 2) for heat, light and power. Marie to update narrative and added requests as corrected.

Strategic Planning Committee to hold 1st meeting on 3/26 from 7pm-9pm. Bob Hodge, director of Berlin’s public library, will facilitate this meeting. Because the 2nd meeting is to be held on May 15th (which would be the next meeting date for the trustees) the board voted to change our next meeting from Thursday 5/15 to the following Thursday, 5/22.

Briefly touched upon upcoming and recent programs. Programs have been fairly well-attended. The month of April is a full one for programming — all are listed on web site. The library is also hosting Discover Clinton meetings. We received a new pass to the New England Aquarium in Boston provided by the Friends.

Still awaiting quotes on various needed repairs. Received 2 quotes on converting to natural gas from Whitney’s and Moran’s Plumbing and Heating. Darcy Danby, a local contractor, looked at the roof  and feels that the roof vents need new flashing and this problem is causing at least some of our leaking problems. We need more quotes for flashing, gutters and downspouts. Major building material will be on agenda for next month.

For the present we tabled quote given to Marie by CM Geeks for maintenance of new

We all agreed on the need for a permanent bulletin board for the library; Friends to raise money to purchase.

All trustees were in favor of having an art contest that will be held in preparation for a mural to be painted on wall of  proposed new YA area. Further details to follow.

One Town, One Book The Big Read (NEA). Applications due in October. Everyone reads the same book and then a full year’s worth of programs, based on the book, are scheduled. NEA can supply grants. Further discussion to follow.

A Library Newsletter is in the works. Marie asked about a “Trustees’ Corner” written by the trustees to be incorporated in the letter. We all agreed it was a good idea. Fran agreed to do an “Authors Corner” — a review of a book she read and enjoyed for the first issue.

Because we previously  had no formal form to acknowledge donations or to use as tax receipts Marie presented one to us for our approval. We all agreed to accept the form.

Director and staff have been and are presently attending webinars and workshops.

A policy for a  “2-hour delay” is to be included in our policy for “Snow Days”. Marie to add.

Trustees tabled 2 items which are on todays agenda for discussion. 1)  the Collection Development policy and 2) employee performance evaluations.

Annual Report for the Town, provided by Marie, was read by trustees and a few minor corrections were to be made. Approved by all with corrections as noted.

Last item on the director’s agenda — the trustees received and tabled a request for a personal exemption to the closed stack policy made by Ina Purvins. Letter attached.

Trustees’ Report

Gloria had attended a workshop on March 8th concerning library foundations and feels very strongly that the BFPL should look into establishing a foundation for our library. More discussion to follow.

Public Comment

Two members of the public were in attendance at this meeting. — Jim Webster and Ina Purvins.

The board went into Executive session at 9:25pm until 10:30.

April 17th was confirmed as date of next meeting. We adjourned at 10:35pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan Franco

Attached document submitted by Clinton resident:

Dear Ms. Mueller,

As you are aware, I am fascinated by the “closed” stacks of older holdings at our library, and long to examine the books and learn more about them. As a local resident and taxpayer I request permission to spend a few hours in the stacks, at a minimum photographing the contents, ideally being able to handle and look at the books.

I am happy to sign a waiver or whatever it is that you require when individuals enter the area. Since it is likely you will want me to be supervised, I’m happy to pay the hourly wage of a library assistant while I am perusing the stacks. The library regularly allows outsiders into the closed area – I am happy to comply with any requirements you have.

I would like to learn more about how the books were cataloged and do a sort of archeological/forensic study of our library’s history and library history in general.

At the recent Friend’s meeting you asked for suggestions for programs at the library. My suggestion is that we bring in a library historian/archivist, perhaps from Simmons College, to do a presentation on library history in the US, focusing on materials found in our library. I think we could create renewed interest in our library by showing off our wonderful history to area book lovers, especially those who prefer a dusty old volume to a crisp new one.

Thank you.

Ina Purvins
4 Bourne St.
Clinton MA