May 2023 Minutes

Minutes for May 23, 2023 – Board of Library Trustees

In attendance: Wendy Neil, Gloria Parkinson, Francisco Ramos, Colby Armstrong, Director Marie Letarte

Sarah Laganelli and Karen Nugent not present

No Public comment

Call to order at 6:01 by Wendy

Motion to approve minutes for April by Gloria, 2nd by Colby

Motion to accept amended minutes for April by Gloria, 2nd by Colby, all approve


            Director’s report

                        T shirts with new logo been ordered

                        Quotes, designs and signage

                        Coronation street party very successful

                        Bookbike update

                        Asking for ARPA funds from town for updated cabling/internet

                        Strategic planning review

                                    Final meeting, 2 people came

                                    Final wrap up June 12

                        Friends Update

                                    Have temporary interim president, still looking for president & board

                                    Challenge update

                                                Board resigned

                                                Drag event challenged

            Subcommittee update

                        Buildings and Facilities

                                    Met on Friday, May 19 @ 8:30

MPLCP grant application training 5/23, 5/24, 5/25 (required for grant)

                                    Working with advocacy subcommittee

                                    Town meeting upcoming June 5

Postcard – support for grant application

Advocacy and outreach met 5/19 @ 9:30

            Brochure for 150th anniversary

            Moving opening party from June 10th to June 21st 5-7 pm, with food

Policy -met 5/12 @ 3:30

Community room –

Library hosted programs take precedent

Motion to approve amended community room policy by Wendy, 2nd by Gloria, all approve

 standards of conduct

            Motion to accept amended standards of conduct with proper punctuation by Gloria, 2nd by Wendy, all approve

Unfinished business

            Board to vote on extended hours for the library

            Clarification on performance and goals evaluation

New business

Director to do monthly public interview with rep Meg Kilcoyne, promoting library

Marie to change hours, Monday-Friday 8:30-4:30 office hours, starting July 10th

Date of next meeting : June 27, 2023 6 pm

Motion to adjourn at 7:16 pm by Gloria, 2nd by Colby

Minutes submitted by Gabrielle Turcotte