December 2021 Minutes

Minutes of December 16, 2021 – Board of Library Trustees

In attendance: Wendy Neil, Karen Nugent, Gloria Parkinson, Marie Letarte

Call to order at 6:13 by Wendy, 2nd by Gloria

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Table the minutes for November (could not do a vote due to a lack of a quorum)

New Business:

            Director’s report

  • Community room update
  • Security camera update – Facilities Director will beta test a camera he has on loan in the library to see the angles, the ease of access, pricing, etc.
  • Preservation assessment application
  • Passed elevator inspection
  • Beta site for Online escape room for misinformation education
  • Search for new library assistant – Kathy now head of adult services
  • Filling vacancies – meeting with the board of selectmen on January 5th
  • Finance update – trustees request spending breakdown for community room
  • Library assistant application, discussion of hours
  • Director wants to attend Public library association conference in March

Old business and subcommittee updates

            Advocacy and outreach update

  • Flyer going out with census
  • Branding campaign, logo redesign, consistency, graphic designer, marketing

            Old book collection project update

  • End of Jan will be the final sign off
  • Photographic record

            Community room subcommittee update

  • Carpet and chairs to arrive in January

Date of Next meeting: January 25, 2022, at 6 PM

Motion to adjourn at 7:23 by Wendy

Minutes submitted by Gabby Turcotte