April 2017 Minutes


The meeting convened at 6:01 p.m. in the Community Room at the library.

In attendance were: Trustees Gloria Parkinson, chairwoman; Wendy Neil, vice-chairwoman; Tracy Colangione, Julianna Record-Massalski, and Karen Nugent; and Library Director Marie Mueller.

There were no public comments.

The minutes from the March 23 meeting were approved unanimously (motion made by Ms. Colangione and seconded by Ms. Neil.)


Ms. Parkinson said an issue regarding additional staffing for the Children’s Library is off the table for the time being.

Ms. Parkinson told the board the library’s long term plan was recapped for the Selectmen and Finance Committee at recent meetings. With the new five-year plan to begin in a year, it was decided to start planning for another subcommittee, likely consisting of library employees, members of the Friends group, and one or two trustees.

A public relations plan was tabled until June, when a deadline for the first draft will be set – once new trustees are elected at the June 12 town election.


There was a discussion of a proposed Children’s Safety Policy, created by children’s library employees. Trustees found that there are several questions that need to be answered in person. They decided to send the policy back and request that someone from the group that created it attend a meeting, and to also bring the existing safety policy for comparison. The trustees agreed to hold the meeting in the Children’s Library conference room to make it more accommodating, and to put the item first on the agenda.

Ms. Mueller gave the director’s report, including current budget expenditures, an update on facilities, the latest program and circulation figures, and ongoing continuing education.

Also under director’s report:

  • The board decided the library would be closed on Saturday, Nov. 11, in observance of Veterans Day. The library is usually open until 1 p.m. on Saturdays.
  • The new printer is up and running splendidly. It is a lease agreement, and Ms. Mueller (at Ms. Neil’s request) was able to get the sales rep to meet the price quoted by the other company.
  • The board discussed upcoming Olde Home Day in September, and the possibility of holding the art show at the library, along with an outdoor and indoor book sale. Laura Taylor of OHD will get back to us on the art show. However, it was agreed that the library should have a presence at Olde Home Day (both Friday night and Saturday) as it is a huge community event. Trustees decided the circulation desk will not be operating, but the library will stay open until the end of OHD (4 p.m. Saturday) and Friday night if the art show is at the library. Board members and Ms. Mueller will try to find youth volunteers to help out.
  • Ms. Mueller said the Democratic Town Committee requested use of the Community Room for meetings. It is unclear if they prefer a specific day of the week, or how often they meet. Other groups also book the room, as well as the Children’s Room. A motion was made by Ms. Colangione and seconded by Ms. Nugent to allow Ms. Mueller to book recurring meetings three months in advance only. The motion passed 4-1. Ms. Neil cast the dissenting vote.
  • Ms. Mueller said a Rexel lighting upgrade-energy saving proposal has been finalized, with a total net cost of $9,855.25 Out-of-pocket cost to the library is $4,255.25, with another $5,600 to be financed over 24 months. (Approximately $233 a month.)   The board voted unanimously (motion made by Ms. Neil and seconded by Ms. Nugent) to accept the lighting program. The meeting was adjourned at 7:55 p.m. The next meeting is scheduled for May 18, location to be determined.

Minutes submitted by Karen Nugent