MassLINKS Adult Education Online Academy

Online Education for Massachusetts Residents

MassLINKS Adult Education Online AcademyHelping You Meet Your Academic, College and Career Goals!

The MassLINKS Virtual Academy offers FREE adult education GED and HiSET
preparation classes as well as English for Speakers of Other Languages.

Classes are offered fully online to help you work around your schedule.

Free High School Equivalency (GED/HiSET)

  • MassLINKS will help students improve their math, reading, and writing skills in highly engaging Humanities and STEM Courses in order to be prepared for the GED or HiSET Exams.
  • MassLINKS’ goal is to equip students with the academic skills necessary to succeed in college and their careers.
  • MassLINKS’ courses are FREE and they are there to support their students along their academic journey!

Free English Courses (ESOL/ESL)

  • MassLINKS provides FREE ESL/ESOL classes to adults. Students learn to read and write, speak and listen in English in order to be successful in their careers and/or enter college.
  • MassLINKS offers courses at the Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced levels for ALL students seeking to improve their English Language skills.
  • MassLINKS helps students learn English skills to help them enter college or advance in their careers. The ESOL program prepares students for college and better jobs!