Trustees’ Report for April 2014

Trustee Report for Board Meeting, April 17, 2014

Old Business

  1.      Monies Associated with Clinton MillWorks II, LLC. Project and the BFPL

On April 1, 2014, Clinton Town Administrator Michael Ward confirmed what the Trustees suspected, namely, any mitigation monies associated with a second modification of a mill conversion  for the property at 2, 50 and 55 Green Street, Clinton MA, will not be available for the foreseeable future. Not until the modification is complete and a permit of occupancy has been granted.  Therefore, any financial resources for the library from this project as was applied for on December 4, 2013, will not be available to the library going into FY15 and for an indeterminate time thereafter.

  1.      Ongoing Trustee Research Project of the Older Collection

Among other pertinent activities regarding this Trustee project, Trustees Susan Franco and Gloria Parkinson are unearthing books of historical interest to the origins of the Bigelow Free Public Library in 1873. As well as finding books with book plates dating back to the precursors of the BFPL—the Bigelow Mechanics Institute and the Bigelow Library Association (as described in the March 20, 2014 Trustee document “Bigelow Free Public Library: Older Collection History, Update 1” available on the library’s website)—other documents of historical interest have been located. The Clinton Historical Society also has a photo of the original home of the Bigelow Mechanics Institute and has kindly agreed to make a copy of the photo for the library’s planned historical display.

  1.      Copy for Trustee Corner in library newsletter (attached)
  2.      Closed Stacks Policy

There will be no change in the BFPL’s closed stacks policy. Members of the public will not be admitted other than invited professionals conducting official library business.

New Business

  1.      Feasibility of a Solar Array on the Roof of the BFPL

At the Trustees FY15 budget meeting with the Selectmen on April 2, 2014, the Selectmen requested that the Trustees investigate the feasibility of solar panels on the roof of the library. Because of the work of the Clinton Alternative Energy Committee (CAEC), professional resources are available for the BFPL to tap into for an initial feasibility assessment. Solar energy for the library may entail a new roof to match the projected life of the solar panels. The current roof is 15 years old. (Library Director Marie Mueller was unable to attend the Selectmen’s meeting because of a family emergency.)