November 2015 Minutes

Minutes of the Board of Trustees

Meeting was called to order at 6:06pm. All trustees in attendance except Susan Franco. Town Counsel Bob Gibbons also in attendance

Minutes discussed, amended and accepted as amended. Accepted by Gloria, Fran, Caroline, Wendy. Abstained: Russ.

New Business

Roy Johnson’s letter and concerns were discussed with him and Bob Gibbons. His concerns and making accommodations for disabilities are being addressed, where possible, but concerns about whether the other patron (about whom he complained) also has a disability were also discussed.

Board discussed with Town Counsel about creating a non-profit 501(c)3; he didn’t recommend it, especially because the library currently has a gift account with the town. He said he would look into whether there was a tax ramification differential between donating to a 501(c)3 and the gift account for the library.

Town Counsel explained the procedures for changing the Library By-Laws

  1. Propose bylaw changes in trustee meetings, vote; majority rules
  2. Bring proposed bylaw changes to the Selectboard for inclusion on the next town warrant
  3. Bylaw changes are voted on by the town at town meeting

Per section 3 of current by-laws, counsel agrees that there could be a provision for sub-committee or representative to do the hiring for the library staff, other than the director’s position.

Gloria will circulate an ethics document among the Trustees for discussion at the next board meeting

Gloria will invite Roland A Ocksenstein to the January trustee meeting to ask him questions about the state building program as it transpired in Bolton.

Gloria & Fran attended the 11/9 Personnel Board meeting — in order for the personnel board to consider making any changes, the Trustees must rewrite the job descriptions to reflect current responsibilities and deliver to the personnel board by 12/7

Director’s Report

  • budget about on schedule
  • roof completed
  • PC reservation has been installed and working (see Roy Johnson reference above)
  • CommCat training in 2 weeks
  • Best attended program was a paranormal presentation

Next Trustees meeting on Dec 17 at 6pm.  Trustees will meet without the director at 9:30 on Dec 2 to conduct a job evaluation of the director.

Motion to adjourn made by Gloria. Seconded by Wendy. Adjourned at 8:24