Community Room Subcommittee Meeting

Community Room Subcommittee 12/11/2019

Meeting opened at 2:05. Karen Nugent, Wendy Neil, Director Marie Letarte, plus Chairwoman Gloria Parkinson in attendance.

The following information was introduced & discussed in response to emails to the Chair, one each from Karen & Wendy.

Discussion Document for the Community Room Subcommittee Meeting, December 11, 2018

Notes on conversations held on December 6 with Facilities Director Russ Karlstad and Town Administrator Mike Ward, respectively. Library Director Marie Letarte was present.

I spoke with Mr. Karlstad at the request of two members of the Community Room Subcommittee, Karen Nugent and Wendy Neil.

  1. Conversation with Russ Karlstad concerning the independent contractor, James Mayou, regarding the installation of two new doors for the library’s Community Room.

Mr. Karlstad saw Mr. Mayou once some weeks ago. (This meeting was previously reported to the full Board of Library Trustees on November 13 by Trustee Russ E. Grady.) Since that initial meeting, Mr. Karlstad said he has not seen Mr. Mayou, nor has he seen a proposed scope of work and a quote from Mr. Mayou. However, Mr. Karlstad said Mr. Mayou was “a quality guy … a good guy” who he would consider using, but first specs need to be developed and a hard quote obtained from Mr. Mayou.  Mr. Karlstad has it on his agenda to contact Mr. Mayou in the near future.

Update on the wet wall in the Community Room: Mr. Karlstad described this as “old damage” appearing now due to a number of factors. Mr. Karlstad said it could take up to two years for the wall to “stabilize” and dry out.

  • Conversation with Mr. Ward re. the Board of Trustees independently hiring a contractor.

Mr. Ward said it is the Town’s intent for facilities’ projects to be done under the Facilities Director. However, since the Community Room refurbishment project is to be paid for by an independent donation, Mr. Ward is seeking an opinion from Town Counsel. Mr. Ward did note, however, that regardless of an opinion saying how in these circumstances the Board of Trustees could independently hire a contractor, the members of the Board—not the Town—would be legally liable for the project.

Gloria Parkinson

December 11, 2019

Wendy spoke with town counsel about legality of the Board hiring the contractor without the Facilities Director. Waiting for a definitive response.

Karen will follow up with Mr. Mayou.

Subcommittee will report findings at the Trustee meeting on Wednesday.