July 2023 Minutes

Minutes for July 25, 2023 – Board of Library Trustees

Library community room

In Attendance: Chair Karen Nugent, Jill Ashton, Wendy Neil, Gloria Parkinson, Francisco Ramos, Director Marie Letarte

Absent: Colby Armstrong

Call to Order at 6:01 pm by Karen

No Public comment

Approval of minutes for June

Motion to accept minutes for June by Gloria, 2nd by Jill, no amendments, unanimous vote yes


            MPLCP Grant Application process current activities

                        Working on paperwork for application

                        Consultant Barbara will help with focus groups

                        Director & Consultant Meeting once a week via zoom

                        Grant application Due next May


            Director’s report

                        Technology update – ARPA funds on hold until the results of the town-wide assessment of technology needs

                        CFNCM meeting tomorrow about foundations

                        Kathy’s back working part time

                        File found in archives: letters, historic members, Carnegie foundation letters

                        Town’s Permanent Building Committee meets monthly

                        Spent 24% of budget on programs so far

                        Friend’s update

                                    Meeting tomorrow at 6:30

                                    Still in need of new people

                                    If there are no friends, there will be no book sale for Old Home Day

                                    We need a new chair, new committee members, volunteers for the Friends

                        Dudley Library almost closed, due to budget shortfalls – enough people spoke out for town board to change their mind

                        Challenge update

                                    Legislative Ban on banned books in early process

                                    Haven’t had specific instances since last meeting


            Subcommittee updates

                        Building and facilities

                                    Description of Subcommittee Chart: Town’s Permanent building committee -> interested and informed group of people (not trustees) -> money -> professional fundraiser – (See diagram attached)

                                    Vote to take place at next meeting when trustees have more information

                                    Second site required by grant – potential locations around town

                                    Reconfiguration of subcommittee

                                                Subcommittee cannot exceed 3 people

Francisco and Karen stepped down from building subcommittee, Jill has expressed interest in joining, meaning the committee is Marie, Gloria, and Jill. Next meeting, Aug 11, 10:45 @ Chestnut St. lot

                        Advocacy and outreach: Recommendations for director to implement & delegate

                                    Meeting at Coffeelands July 14, 2023

                                                Subcommittee continues to meet at Coffeelands as part of the outreach strategy.

Improve communication for library in all regards

                                                Write articles for the item

                                                Ads of local TV

                                                Publicity schedule. Next meeting, Aug 11, 9:30 at Coffeelands

                                    Monthly advocacy assignments for trustees

                                                150 questions/facts about the Bigelow Public Library

                                                Getting people to talk about the library

                                                Copies of library info sheet


                        Policy did not meet

                                    Animals in the library. Next meeting, Aug 18, 11:00

New Business

Discussion about blocking Facebook trolls

            Staff member advocates just blocking certain internet user whose stirred up trouble on Facebook regarding LGBT+ books

Director does not want to further provoke poster, especially given that harassment has stopped for the moment

Unfinished business

Date of next Meeting: August 22, 6 pm

Motion to adjourn at 7:42 by Karen, 2nd by Wendy all approve

Minutes submitted by Gabrielle Turcotte

Building and Facilities Subcommittee

July 14, 2023, at 11:30 AM


Gloria presented her graphic of the Building Project participation—the circles represent the size of the community