March 2018 Minutes



The meeting was called to order at 6:01 pm at the library.

In attendance were: Trustees Gloria Parkinson, chairwoman, Wendy Neil, vice chairwoman, Tracy Colangione, Angela DeVivo, Karen Nugent, secretary; and Alex Zapantis; and Library Director Marie Mueller. Also present for parts of the meeting were town Facilities Director Russ Karlstad, and Donna Jones from Friends of the Bigelow Free Public Library.


  1. Minutes: The minutes from the February 27, 2018 meeting were approved 5-0, prior to Ms. DeVivo’s arrival. (motion by Ms. Colangione; seconded by Ms. Zapantis.)
  2. Public Comment: none.




  1. FACILITIES DIRECTOR: Mr. Karlstad gave an update on the Community Room project. He said he would contact other vendors for window replacement. Also, plans are to remove the glass enclosure from the outside door and replace it with a small door overhang and a new door, install storm windows, and then move on to the walls, floor, and installing an HVAC unit. Mr. Karlstad said he will devise a plan for the project with images and samples and present it at a future meeting. Excavating and investigating leakage in the west facing wall (the “piano wall”) will take place later and is not in the scope of this project.

Also, he plans to have new lighting installed upstairs. In addition, Mr. Karlstad said in light of the incident in which someone hid overnight in the library, he would get estimates on security cameras, but updated wifi might be necessary.

  1. FRIENDS: It was agreed that an update from the Friends group will be placed on every trustee agenda, following public comment. Ms. Jones gave an update on the paperwork for filing as a 501 (c)  3 nonprofit organization. With the help of Ms. DeVivo, the Friends are working on a mission statement, updated bylaws, and articles of incorporation – all required for the tax exempt status. She said they have nine months to complete the work, but the trustees would like it done by the end of April.  Meanwhile, the $37,000 gift from the Clinton Home Foundation remains in the Friends account. The check can be written out to the library once the nonprofit status is approved by the state and federal governments. Ms. Parkinson gave thanks to the Friends and Ms. DeVivo for their fast work.
  2. DIRECTOR’S REPORT: Ms. Mueller said since Saturdays are the busiest days at the library, hours would be increased from 9 am to 1 pm to 9 am to 3 pm, starting the weekend after Labour Day, 2018.  A motion (made by Ms. Zapantis and seconded by Ms. DeVivo) to approve the new hours was unanimously approved by trustees.

Ms. Mueller said the children’s library staff would like to place a time capsule in the back yard. The plan was OK’d by trustees, as long as it’s not in the area to be excavated.

Ms. Mueller said the library strategic plan will include a feasibility study. Ms. DeVivo and Ms. Parkinson agreed to serve on the Strategic Plan Committee. A “mini” consultation with building experts from the Mass. Board of Library Commissioners is pending. Meanwhile, trustees agreed to ask Boylston Library Trustee Brad Barker to a meeting, because Boylston upgraded its library without state money; and Roland Oscheinbein from Bolton, a member of MBLC, to a different meeting, to get his take on going through the state for improvements.

The FY19 library budget will be presented to selectmen on April 4. Ms. Nugent and Ms. Parkinson will accompany Ms. Mueller to the meeting.

Ms. Mueller said she would research costs to upgrade the wifi, but noted staff is not enthusiastic about cameras spread throughout the library.

Ms. DeVivo and Ms. Zapantis agreed to compose paragraphs for the library newsletter this month.  Ms. Zapantis will write a poem; Ms. DeVivo will write about the improvisation program.

  1. After hours policy: A modification will be made by Ms. Mueller regarding staff working in the library after hours. A vote at the February 2018 meeting prohibited all staff from being in the library after hours, but circumstances may dictate otherwise.
  2. Children’s Room Policy: tabled until the April 12 meeting.
  3. Publicity and Marketing: tabled.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:50 pm. The next meeting is scheduled for 6 pm April 12, 2018


Minutes submitted by Karen Nugent, secretary.