October 2016 Minutes

Board of Library Trustee minutes from meeting of Oct. 17, 2016 

The meeting was called to order at 6pm in the lower level conference room of the Town Hall

In attendance were G. Parkinson, R. Grady, C. Keiger, W. Neil, K. Nugent and director M. Mueller

A motion to accept Sept. minutes was made by C. Keiger, 2nd by W. Neil. Accepted & approved 4-1. R. Grady abstained.

No public comment

Board unanimously recommended Tracy Colangione to fill the available Trustee position until the 2017 election.

Trustees agreed to attend Wed.’s Selectboard meeting to support and recommend the appointment of Tracy Colangione

Director’s report

Budget reviewed and discussed.

Facilities — loaner chairs available to test; 2 new computers; boiler to have annual tune-up.

Discussion of Oct 1st law about making bathrooms available to anyone who identifies as that gender. Only 1 key for each will be available for patrons.

Upcoming events: OneClinton OneBook will be The Princess Bride.

Next meeting is scheduled for Nov. 17 at 6pm in the library

Meeting adjourned at 7pm.