May 2014 Minutes

AMENDED Minutes of Trustees’ Meeting of May 22, 2014

Meeting was called to order at 6:05 pm by Nancy Starr. All trustees were in attendance, as were two members of the public, Jim Webster and Ina Purvins.

Pledge of Allegiance was recited and minutes of previous meeting were read by Fran Purcell. Sarah Parker made motion to accept seconded by Susan Franco.

New Business

Trustees’ Report

Gloria Parkinson feels strongly that the trustees should consider membership in the Mass Library Trustees Association (MLTA). If al l of us join the fee would be reduced; single memberships are around $25.00 and those of us over age 65 would be around $20.00. It was agreed to discuss this further at next meeting. Gloria to obtain forms.

Caroline Keiger suggested that we should also join the State Friends group. More info to be obtained for further discussion.

Sarah reported that at the last meeting of the Clinton Women’s Club Nancy Starr suggested that a donation of $150.00 be given to the Friends of the BFPL for unrestricted use. All club members agreed. The trustees greatly appreciate this donation.

Sarah also made mention that the 2nd floor air conditioner filters should be checked and changed as needed to prevent unnec essary repair costs. Apparently this was a problem at some time in the past.

Sarah also updated us on the status of the Weeks Fund. The account has $3792.00 available for the purchase of new adult books.

Directors Report.

Marie passed out copies of finance committee budget for FY15. Board briefly ran through line items.

Marie also spoke of the second meeting of the Strategic Planning Advisory Board held on May 15 ,2014 and facilitated by Deb Hoadley of MA Library System. A community visioning exercise was held and discussed by the group. The board was asked to do homework on a vision exercise. “What is my vision and how can we make the library a better place?” We went over the survey and made a few changes before finalizing. Gloria made a motion suggesting a trustee brainstorming session to review the library mission statement as it appears on the previous 5-Year Strategic Plan. Sarah 2nded. It passed unanimously. {NOTE No date or time was set.}

Michelle, Deric and Mary have agreed to be flexible for summer staffing.

Marie passed out copies of Employee Performance Evaluation Forms which she will be using. The Board revisited several policies pertaining to holidays and days off. Gloria made a motion that we adopt a policy pertaining to appointments for those wishing to speak to Marie for any reason other than routine matters.

Recent programming has been well attended. See Library Calendar for upcoming events.

The library has purchased new databases (Rocket Language, Grolier Online,, and HeritageQuest.) Also new museum passes to Boston Childrens Museum and Old Sturbridge Village.

Repairs to the front door were explained by Marie; The lock was repaired and a bar was installed which works with an allen wrench. Marie would also like to buy a movie screen and projector. Costs, etc. to be investigated. Marie is also hoping to obtain better phone service in the near future.

Public Comment

Ina Purvins of 4 Bourne St. spoke briefly of her many concerns with the running of the library, the director and the trustees. She also made an objection to a closed brainstorming session of the trustees under the open meeting law.

The date of our next meeting was confirmed for June 19th at 6pm.

Sarah made a motion to adjourn at 9:15 pm, 2nded by Nancy and approved by all.

Amended minutes for January 16, 2014 and March 20, 2014 will go into June’s packet to be voted on at June Meeting.

Susan Franco, Sec.