November 2021 Minutes

Minutes of November 23, 2021 – Board of Library Trustees

In attendance: Wendy Neil, chair; Karen Nugent, Francisco Ramos, Gloria Parkinson, Marie Letarte, Library director. Absent: Sarah Laganelli

Call to order at 6:04 by Wendy Neil

No Public comment

Motion to approve minutes for October 26 made by Gloria Parkinson, 2nd by Karen Nugent. Unanimously approved.

Marie will ask HR manager, Alexis Teixeira, to attend the next meeting.

Motion to accept minutes by Wendy Neil, 2nd by Gloria Parkinson. Unanimously accepted


New Business:

     Director’s report:

  • Storage areas in the community room will be 6 inches wider
  • MBLC preservation assessment grant application
  • New members of the Friends and trustees
  • Racial equity book club is a collaborative effort
  • Budget update – on track
  • Gloria and Karen meeting to asses/evaluate director
      • New Employee review form
      • Less numerical, ⅓ done with employee
  • Move ahead with security cameras- bring project in more detail (storage, monthly cost, etc.) at next meeting

Old business and subcommittee update:

  • Advocacy and outreach update – Clinton’s Bigelow library, raising awareness for the library in town and the services it offers including usual and unusual items.
  • Advocacy marketing flier
  • Motion to allow up to $1000 to send flyer out through town census By Wendy Neil, 2nd by Karen Nugent.  Unanimous vote yes.
  • Name recognition important for advocacy.
  • Climate change committee

     Old book collection update:

  • Marie to re-contact historical commission to review old collection.
  • By the end of January, notice of surplus items will be published.
  • Trustees will post “rollout of public information for the relinquishment of the Bigelow Free Public Library’s older holdings” on the Trustees document area on the website.
  • Slideshow showing weeding process to be posted to website.

     Community room subcommittee:

  • Lighting changes, not urgent


Date of next meeting: Thursday, December 16 at 6 pm

Motion to adjourn at 7:45 by Gloria Parkinson, 2nd by Karen Nugent, all in favor

Minutes submitted by Gabrielle Turcotte