August 2015 Minutes

Unofficial Minutes of the Board of Trustees

Meeting was called to order at 6:05pm, August 20, 2015. Because of the heat, the meeting was held in the upstairs reading room instead of the community room.

All members present. Pledge of Allegiance recited.

Caroline motioned to approved June minutes. Fran seconded. Accepted unanimously.

Gloria had written & submitted a paper titled, “Conduct to Increase Efficiency of Trustee Meetings,” which was read by members. (Copy available). Motion to accept Rules of Conduct made by Caroline, seconded by Susan. Unanimously approved.

Old Business

It was decided to table a presentation by Rick Blair on forming foundations. All were in agreement. Russ agreed to find a member of the Clinton Bar Association to do a presentation for us.  Gloria and Marie will look for MBLC program on the subject.

Next Personnel Board meeting will be Sept 14. Documents requested by the Personnel Board were reviewed by Trustees and will be sent to the Personnel Board prior to the meeting.

New Business

Director’s Report

  • Director reviewed the budget and state aid documents with the Trustees. Trustees requested a brief list of typical grants that we receive and what they may be used for.
  • A generous monetary gift was given to the library from the Windsor Townhouse Condo Association.
  • New roof still on hold. Waiting for specs to be written so bids may be solicited.
  • Side emergency gate doesn’t open all the way. Director will contact Tony Zahariadis for more info on repairing it.
  • Upcoming programs listed. Director requested a brief article from the trustees for the “Trustees’ Corner” of the newsletter. Some long-range plans will be included.

Trustees will work together to establish Ethics for Library Trustees and By-laws for the Trustees.

Trustee recommendations vs. town library by-laws have been sent to Town Counsel and we are awaiting legal answers.

It was decided that the Trustees rotate attending Friends’ meetings. Wendy will attend the October 17th meeting and Susan will attend December 19th.

The next meeting will be held on September 10 at 6pm, a week earlier than usual.

Motion to adjourn was made at 8:20 and seconded by Fran. Unanimously approved.

Susan Franco, Secretary.