August 2023 Minutes

Minutes of Tuesday, August 22, 2023 – Board of Library Trustees

In attendance: Wendy Neil, Gloria Parkinson, Chair Karen Nugent, Colby Armstrong, Francisco Ramos, Director Marie Letarte

Invited guest Jan Gottesman here to talk about promotion and connection

Absent: Jill Ashton

Call to order by Karen at 6pm

No Public comment

Approval of minutes for July

Motion to amend minutes for July by Colby, 2nd by Wendy, all approve

Invited guest Jan Gottesman here to talk about promoting the library and connection

            The Item still publishing weekly

            Deadline Tuesday at noon

            Keep information simple

            Letter to the editor up to 300 words

   for most direct communication

            Send photos from events in high rez

            Press release – send in advance

            Feature story written by staff or correspondent

            Dec 6 is the big anniversary party

            Anniversary feature – possibly in November to build up hype for event in December

            Social media has large reach, but does not stick in people’s minds

            In person programs will make people care more about the library

Thank you to our guest

Jan left at 6:50 pm


             MPLCP grant application update

                        Moving along

                        Contact every week

                        Presented to selectboard

            Director’s report

                        Staff training day Oct 6 – focus group and staff meeting – half day

                        Motion to close library half way through the day on Oct 6 by Karen, 2nd by Colby, all approve

                        Halloween – closing at four pm

                        Motion by Wendy to close on Halloween at 4 pm, 2nd by Gloria, all approved

                        Motion to be opened on Nov 10 and be closed on Veterans Day (possible coffee and donuts) by Colby, 2nd Karen, all approve

                        Library will be open the day after Thanksgiving

                        Friends update

                                    Meeting last week

                                    Started moving books from school admin building

                                    Recruiting for Old Home Day volunteers

                        Challenge update – no changes

            Subcommittee update

                        Building and facilities

                                    Met at 239 Chestnut Street – talked about site recommendations, moved to reconvene at library

                        Advocacy and outreach

                                    Use Linktree in Instagram, Bio


                                    Code of Ethics


Colby left at 7:28 pm

                                    Pet Policy – updates regarding service dogs and “emotional support” animals

                                    Some staff disagree with letting them in

                                    Make part of standards of conduct rather than separate policy

                                    Motion at accept until further notice by Gloria, 2nd by Karen, all approve



Date of next meeting: Wednesday, September 27th, 6pm

Motion to adjourn at 7:48 by Gloria

Minutes submitted by Gabrielle Turcotte