April 2014 Minutes


Bigelow Free Public Library Trustees Meeting
April 17,2014
Meeting was called to order by Nancy Starr at 7:05 pm. Recited Pledge of Allegiance. Susan Franco not in attendance.
Minutes of prior meeting were read by each trustee. Caroline Keiger made a motion to approve and Gloria Parkinson seconded it.
The director reported the following:
– That the monies associated with Clinton millworks II, LLC project will not be available to the BFPL until the project is finished which could be 2 yrs.
-An update of the ongoing Trustee Research Project of the Older Collection is available on library’s website.
-There are no changes in the closed stacks policy.
-We are looking into the feasibility of a solar array on the roof of the BFPL.
-Next month Trustees meeting will be May 22,2014. Marie will have staff meeting on May 16,2014. It was proposed we change our meetings, starting as of May 22nd, from 7pm. to 6pm. We will post it on the website so everyone will be informed.
-We will  request a transfer of  $16,000 from the director’s budget to librarian salaries.
-The library  purchased two kindles loaded with E-books . Patrons can take these home to test drive.
-We have a three year contract with Bay State Elevator, so we can’t change now.
-There will be two articles for the Town Warrant; look at savings if we go with natural gas and repair leaks on the roof and addition of new gutters.
-We approved the change to the inclement weather policy to, if the schools have a two hour delay,then so does the library.
-Employee performance evaluations will be done in June probably.
-It was proposed that the library stay open until 8 pm. on Wednesdays {adding two extra hours}. In the summer the library will be open until 1 pm. on Saturdays.  Sarah Parker made a motion to approve the new hours and Gloria  Parkinson seconded it. We will close down the ground floor unless there’s a program.
-In public comment Jim Webster thanked the trustees for the room for Ukelele 101. Ina Purvins was glad to see the extended hours and the positive things happening with the historical books.
Nancy Starr called for the motion to adjourn at 8:47 pm. Seconded by Gloria Parkinson.
Our next meeting will be held on May 22,2014 at 6 pm.
Respectfully submitted
Fran Purcell substitute secretary