October 2023 Minutes

Minutes of October 24, 2023 – Board of Library Trustees

In attendance: Karen Nugent (chair), Wendy Neil, Gloria Parkinson, Jill Ashton, Colby Armstrong, Francisco Ramos, director Marie Letarte

Call to order at 6:00 pm

No Public comment

Approval of minutes for September

Motion to accept minutes for September by GP, 2nd by KN

Distribution of Trusty Trustee Handbooks (MBLC guide)

Exercise recommended by building consultant intended for Trustees to express what they feel is important about the library


            Director’s report

                                    Rewriting head of adult services position into Assistant Director

                                    Action plans for FY25 need to be submitted to state

                                    Applying for E-rate for the library to upgrade tech

                                    Preview of new sign

                        MPLCP grant application

                                    Focus group with trustees and other important people in town

                        Friends update

                                    Meeting on Saturday

                        Challenge update

            Pet policy discussion update

                        Staff want to fully ban pets in the library – except for very small handheld ones

                                    People before pets

            Subcommittee Update


                                    Outreach in town –  networking, campaigning, fundraisers



                                    Next meeting Nov 14, 3 PM

New business

Unfinished business

Date of next meeting: November 28, 2023, 6 PM

Motion to adjourn at 7:25 by Karen, all approved

Minutes submitted by Gabrielle Turcotte