February 2014 Minutes

Bigelow Free Public Library Trustees Meeting of February 20, 2014

As Nancy was absent, Gloria, as vice-chair, called the meeting to order at 7pm. Also missing was Sarah. Two members of the public were also in attendance.  Ina Purvins and Jim Webster were acknowledged and welcomed. Flag was saluted and minutes of Jan.16th were read by Susan . Caroline made a motion to accept and was seconded by Fran.

Old Business

The book sale tentatively scheduled for April at Town Hall has been postponed indefinitely.
Deric has now gone on reduced time to 20 hours per week.
Still waiting for estimates on work which must be done to building.

New Business

Trustees’ Report

A Library Services Report prepared by the BFPL trustees consisting of ten (10) pages was read aloud by Gloria and then opened for any discussion. As none was forthcoming, Caroline made a motion to accept the report and enter it into public record. Fran 2nded and all trustees were in agreement. The document will be put on Library’s website, will be available at the main desk and a copy will be given to Town Administrator, Mike Ward. Copies also will be made available to Town Clerk, Phil Boyce and each of the selectmen if we are so advised by the Town Administrator.

Director’s Report

Friends book sale is being held on the lower level and will be on-going. Trustees wish to pass along their appreciation to the Friends for all of their hard work.
Staff meeting to be held 2/21 — Gloria and Caroline to ‘man’ desks.
Marie requested that April be “Amnesty Month”. Patrons may return materials with no fees charged. Trustees all in agreement.
Recent and upcoming programs were discussed.
CM Geeks to install new computers on 1st floor on Monday, 2/24.
All agreed that Marie should solicit quotes for contracts for elevator maintenance. Otis is used by the Town Hall.
Walk-thru fire inspection was done by Clinton Fire Department.

Public Comment

At this time Ina Purvins voiced her displeasure at what she feels is a lack of information supplied to the public by the library trustees and director especially pertaining to CW/Mars and to the weeding process. She provided us with a typed list of her questions. Most of her questions and concerns are addressed in the Library Services Report. Gloria, on behalf of all trustees, thanked Ina for her interest and input.

Budget Discussion

Marie supplied the trustees with FY 2014 figures for the 2015 budget request. After reading over the FY15 budget narrative, discussion was held on various points. The trustees voted to accept level funded and level service budgets as presented by the director and the accompanying narrative with additions and corrections as discussed. Motion to accept was made by Susan and 2nded by Caroline with all members in agreement.

The next meeting will be held on March 20th at 7pm. Fran made motion to adjourn at 9:35pm. 2nded by Susan. All were in favor.

Respectfully submitted
Susan Franco