October 2021 Advocacy & Outreach Subcommittee Meeting

Bigelow Library Board of Trustees:  Trustee Reports
Advocacy & Outreach Subcommittee Meeting

October 12, 2021

Call to order at 1:10

In attendance, members Gloria Parkinson, Francisco Ramos, Director Marie Letarte

Discussed main goals of advocacy:

  • We want people to know about the library
    • In person resources, electronic resources
  • Needs of the community

Define the advocacy we seek: residents vs. politics (i.e. Board of Selectmen). Separate issues, but interdependent

Action items:

  • Make arrangements to go to CES w/ library services, if the students can’t come here (Marie)
  • Bring library programs to CHA, not just staff (Marie)
  • Create a new homebuyers kit for realtors (Gloria)
  • Spanish flyers
  • Expand Spanish collection – reach out to community (Francisco)
  • Ask town clerk to Include info about the library in the next census (Marie)
  • Website with translation
  • Quarterly updates to Selectboard (Marie)
  • Review Selectboard meetings (Gloria)

BE PATIENT.  This may take time.

Adjourned at 2:00

Next meeting date, November 9 @ 1pm