August 2015 Special Meeting

Trustee’s Meeting On August 6, 2015

A “’special” meeting was held on 8/6/2015 in order that the Trustees could meet before the meeting of the Personnel Board took place on August 10, 2015. Gloria opened the meeting at 5:30 pm. All were in attendance, with the exception of Wendy.

A draft of a letter to the Personnel Board re a new 20-hour per week Library Assistant position had been written by Gloria and was passed out for perusal. A position was funded at Town Meeting in the Proposition 2 1/2 referendum question. We understand that the now-funded position requires Personnel Board approval. The Trustees hope to be included on the agenda of the next meeting which is scheduled to be held on August 10, 2015. A motion to accept the letter was made by Russ and 2nd by Caroline. All were in agreement.

It was also decided, after some back and forth conversation between trustee members, that we would contact Bob Gibbons (Town Counsel) for guidance on who has the authority to hire library staff . The Town of Clinton Bylaws and the current Trustee Handbook differ on this question. Another question that came up was how it would be handled if a full-time employee applied for the part-time position. Susan made the motion, 2nd by Russ, to send an e-mail to Mr. Gibbons in regard to these matters. All members agreed. Gloria will compose a letter to Mr. Gibbons and e-mail/phone all

Trustees for their approval before forwarding to Town Counsel.

Meeting was adjourned at 6:20pm. Motion to do so was made by Fran, 2nd by Susan and agreed to by all. Trustees will meet on August 20, 2015at 6pm.

Susan Franco, Secretary