December 2023 Minutes

Minutes for December 28, 2023 – Board of Library Trustees

In attendance: Wendy Neil, Vice Chair Gloria Parkinson, Chair Karen Nugent, Jill Ashton, Colby Armstrong, Director Marie Letarte, Friends President Phyllis Staffier

Absent: Francisco Ramos

Call to order at 6:04 pm by Karen Nugent

Motion to approve minutes from November meeting

  1. GP Clarified that Trustees had agreed to join the Sustainable Library Initiative
  2. GP suggested the following wording changes to November minutes:
  3. “… still not finding a definitive alternate site”
  4. “… may cause problems” in lieu of “would”

Motion to approve the minutes with amendments. All in favor. [CA absent for vote]

Friends of Library Report from Friends president:

  • discussed mini golf in last week of April
  • 21 new members since start of 2023
  • 42 are lapsed
  • Looking into town-wide membership drive
  • Want to have high school student as a member of board
  • Next meeting is Jan 6th 10AM

Directors report:

  • Talked with town to use ARPA money look at our wifi/cable services will also be working with CWMARS for possible E rate application next year.
  • Director visited other libraries to see what she liked and did not like, at the recommendation of the MPLCP consultants. Trustees are recommended to do the same
  • Personnel meeting 5PM on Jan 9th to discuss assistant director position.
  • Looking for people to participate in focus groups. Other town employees and other town board & committee members. Jan 13 at 10 and Jan 24th at 6. Meetings are 90 minutes
  • Draft budget was also discussed with assistant director position listed

Jan and Ken want us to write something once a month in the Item.

Wendy also spoke about her experience at the Hopkinton library, she stated they set up a fundraising website. Getting people in community who have skills to help us, fund raising etc.

  • $1000 asked from 1000 homes with signs to show they donated to library
  • Plaques were placed around the library with donors’ names
  • We also discussed how Hopkinton’s ideas could work in our community

Motion to adjourn made by Karen, second by Wendy @ 07:53 pm

Next meeting is on Jan 23 at 6pm