October 2014 Minutes


Minutes for Trustees Meeting of October 21, 2014

Meeting called to order by Gloria Parkinson at 6:06 p.m. In attendance were Caroline Keiger, Fran Purcell, Susan Franco and the Library Director. Members missing were Nancy Starr and Russ Grady. Also  in attendance were Ina Purvins and Jim Webster. Ina recorded Meeting.  Pledge of Allegiance was recited by all present.

Public Comment

Jim said he would be coming to the library soon in order to take some measurements for downstairs shelving. Ina had no comments.

Minutes of prior meeting (Sept. 20) were accepted in a motion made by Fran, 2nd by Caroline and approved by all.

Trustees Report

New Business

Gloria submitted an unofficial draft concerning the chronic understaffing of the library. We will submit something in writing asking to be placed on the agenda of the Personnel Board at their earliest convenience in order to request funding for a part-time (20 hr per week) library position. Motion made by Susan to accept draft, 2nd by Fran and approved by all.

We received a request from Ina Purvins of 4 Bourne St. Clinton but find ourselves confused about the parameters of this request. Susan made a motion that the trustees take this matter up with Town Counsel in order to get some professional input before responding to request. Seconded by Fran and accepted by everyone.

Directors Report

Old Business

Roof — only half of gutters installed — hooks were missing — to come ASAP and then work will be completed.

New Business

Budget gone over as well as technology updates regarding circulation.

A Legislative Breakfast will be held in the library sometime in January. See library calendars for this and  other upcoming programs.

A donation  toward the cost  of a digital projector was made to the library by Clinton High class of 1964.

Fran made a motion to set up our own facebook page with the director as the administrator. This was 2nd by Caroline and approved by all.

Mass Library Trustees Association annual meeting will be held on Nov. 1st from 10am until 1pm

Info supplied to Susan.

Letter congratulating Marie on completing a new long-range plan was received by her from the Commonwealth of Mass Board of Library Commissioners. Copy of letter to be kept on file by secretary.

All trustees (including Russ via a note sent by him) voted  to close the library for the Thanksgiving holiday on Wed., Nov. 26 at 1pm and not reopen until Dec. 2nd .  This will be done to show our appreciation to the staff for all of their hard work during the difficult times they have gone through in the past months. Motion to accept made by Susan, 2nd by Fran and approved by everyone.

Our next meeting scheduled for November 20 will be held at 7pm to allow the trustees who will be attending a meeting  out of town, ample time to return to Clinton.

Adjourned the meeting at 7:10 pm. Motion made by Fran, 2nd by Caroline and agreed on by all.

Susan Franco