May 2022 Minutes


Call to order:  Chairwoman Wendy Neil called the meeting to order at 6:02 pm in the library reading room.

In attendance: Trustees Wendy Neil, chairwoman; Sarah Laganelli, vice chairwoman; Karen Nugent, Gloria Parkinson, and Francisco Ramos; and Library Director Marie Letarte. Absent: Colby Armstrong.

Public comment: None

Approval of minutes: The minutes of April 26, 2022 were approved 4-0-1 (with Mr. Ramos abstaining because he was not at the April meeting) after an amendment was made to record trustees who were not  in attendance in subsequent minutes. Motion to approve as made by Ms. Parkinson and seconded by Ms. Laganelli.

Chair’s report: Ms. Neil outlined key successes from last year, including the building assessment, completion of the Community Room renovations, multiple repairs to the library, completion of assessing old book collection, the formation of an outreach/advocacy subcommittee, and sending informational fliers to residents. She also thanked trustees for attendance and to those who worked on subcommittees.

Director’s report:

  • A successful Community Room open house took place on May 19.
  • We are still waiting to hear from the Town Administrator about bid procedures for the old book collection.
  • Preservation assessment project interviews and facilities tours will begin at the end of May and report will take approximately 8-10 weeks.
  • A ceiling in the youth area was repaired.
  • The town facilities department will get a dumpster to clear out the boiler room. It will also be used to clear out the upstairs storage room in the youth section.
  • The Historical Commission is not interested in the old book collection.
  • There were 28 programs in April of which eight were virtual.
  • We are collaborating with other libraries on Zoom-based programs. Most are free.
  • Our Zoom subscription was renewed for another year.
  • The resurrected Friends group has 36 members, and will meet on June 14. They will have a book sale on June17-18. Volunteers are needed.

Policy updates:

The board voted unanimously on updates on policies for the Library Card Privileges (motion by Ms. Parkinson; seconded by Ms. Laganelli)  and Hot Spot Use (motion by Ms. Neil/seconded by Ms. Parkinson.) 

The board agreed to form a subcommittee consisting of Ms. Parkinson and Ms. Nugent to review future policy updates.

Subcommittee reports:

The board voted unanimously (motion by Ms. Neil; seconded by Ms. Nugent) to disband the

Community Room Renovation Subcommittee as the work is complete.

Advocacy and Outreach Subcommittee: Will hold off on branding and logo selection until after the five-year strategic plan starts in the fall, in hopes of coinciding with the 150th anniversary of the library in 2023.

Unfinished business:

Holidays: The board voted unanimously (motion by Ms. Parkinson; seconded by Ms. Nugent) for the library to be open on Veteran’s Day (Nov. 11) and on the day after Thanksgiving, Nov. 25, 2022.

The board also voted unanimously (motion by Ms. Neil; seconded by Ms. Parkinson) for the library to be closed on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, 2022. Both are on Saturdays this year.

There is still an ongoing parking problem out front. The Police Department will be notified.

New Business:

Newspapers: Paper delivery has been spotty in town. Ms. Parkinson suggested setting up a dedicated computer to read papers online.

First Nations Land Use Acknowledgment: Recently, property on land formerly held by Native Americans has been acknowledged at various events and in business.  The library will do the same.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 7:08 pm. The next meeting is scheduled for 6 pm, Thursday, June 30.

Minutes submitted by Karen Nugent