January 2014 Minutes


Bigelow Free Public Library

Trustees Meeting on January 16, 2014

Meeting called to order by Nancy at 7pm. All were in attendance with the exception of Sarah.The flag was saluted and minutes of previous meeting were read  by Susan. A correction was made by Gloria —  next to last paragraph of 1st page is amended to now read “Monies will be paid out of the librarians’ salary line item and state and grant monies.” Minutes approved as amended by Nancy and 2nd by Caroline.

Old Business

Weather and closing policies for the library was approved by all. Trustees who wish to be notified will receive a phone call.

Shredder was purchased and installed.

Touched on upcoming staff meeting (1/17) and firmed up by deciding which trustees would be in to man the desks during meeting (Gloria & Susan volunteered).

Larry Crossman still  has not submitted a written statement concerning downstairs repairs. Marie to contact again. Barry Whitney also to be contacted concerning furnace.

Di-Roc installed  new electrical box. Heater cables should be working and outside lights are working.

Everything installed on new computers — Waiting for new tables to arrive.

New Business 

Great photos of the library have been taken by Jim Lafond-Lewis. We have permission to use all images as long as we give him credit. Possible fundraiser for the Friends (postcards, framed photos, etc.)

Deric Wilson has requested shorter hours. Now at 35 and would like to go to 26 hours.

New laptop is awaiting installation of Windows 7 and Evergreen. Work order in to C/WMars.

Briefly  discussed five-year plan; needs to be done by October of 2014. As of now, Nancy Byrne @ the high school is willing to serve on board of advisory committee.

Tentative date for huge book sale — April 4th and 5th (Fri. & Sat.) One day to be set aside for Clinton taxpayers ONLY.

Proposal was made for trustees and director jointly to submit a Guest Column  for the Item describing on-going plans for the future of the library including full membership in C/W MARS, our on-going “weeding” program, book sales, new computers, winter/spring programs etc.

The Board went into Executive Session at 9:20pm until 9:35pm.

A motion to adjourn was made at 9:40 by Nancy and 2nd by Caroline. Next meeting to be held on Thursday, Feb. 20th at 7pm,

Respectfully submitted,

Susan Franco