November 2022 Minutes

Board of Library Trustees
Minutes for 11/29/22 via ZOOM

In attendance: Director Marie Letarte, Trustees Wendy Neil, Colby Armstrong, Sarah Laganelli, Gloria Parkinson, Francisco Ramos, Karen Nugent

Roll Call & Call to order at 6:03 by Wendy Neil

Motion by Gloria to amend minutes for October
Motion to accept minutes for October Roll call all approved

Director’s report

  • Roof still leaking, workmen supposed to come in today but didn’t
  • Upcoming virtual events
  • Hosting libraries and medicine course
  • New sign update
  • First aid and AED training
  • Friends appreciation meeting – 8000 dollar donation
  • Survey – 149
  • Focus group for new logo – dec 14
         What colors do you think of to describe the library?
         What symbols do you associate with the library?
         Current logo is closed gate, should be open, inviting
  • Thanks to the Library Staff for accommodating Director’s absence this month
  • Upcoming- rewrite vision and commission for strategic plan
  • Book bike plans, memorial day, old home day, hire someone to ride it

Subcommittee report

  • Advocacy and outreach did not meet
  • Policy did not meet

Confirmation of next meeting

  • Tuesday December 27, 2022, 6PM, hopefully in person

Motion to Adjourn at 6:51 pm by Wendy Neil, 2nd by Gloria Parkinson