November 2023 Minutes

Minutes for November 28, 2023 – Board of Library Trustees

Library community room

In attendance: Wendy Neil, Karen Nugent, Gloria Parkinson, Francisco Ramos, Jill Ashton, Director Marie Letarte (Colby Armstrong absent)

Call to order at 6:00 by KN

No Public comment

Approval of minutes for October

Motion to approve minutes as is for October by GP, 2nd by WN. All in favor


            Director’s report

                                    Fire “drill” – patron set off the alarm with a curling iron

                        MPLCP grant application update

                        Action plan –   Submitted

                        Friends update – Member volunteer social on Saturday, Dec 2

                        Monthly stats

                                    Sustainable Library Initiative – recommended joining

                                    Budget draft next month

                        Application for MLS small rural library grants

            Subcommittee update


                                    Nov 15 meeting – shared building idea came up, would have to be decided by May 2024, would require very specific town policy. Not ideal

                                    Grant application

                                    Old elementary school considered main alternate for new site, but not perfect, may cause problems with other departments

                                    Still not finding a definitive alternative site


JA left at 7:06 pm


Based on staff feedback, new pet policy has been submitted to town solicitor for review. Policy subcommittee will discuss at next meeting

Reviewed weather policy

New business

            Discussion: hiring a professional fundraiser

                        Zoom information session with organization recommended

                        Up to 30-50 thousand dollars for services

                        Depersonalizes fundraising, but a professional could raise much more money

                        Sit on this for a while, decide what would be best for the library

Unfinished business

Date of next meeting: Thursday Dec 28, 2023

Motion to adjourn at 7:39 pm by GP, 2nd by KN. All in favor

Minutes submitted by Gabrielle Turcotte