February 2019 Minutes


The meeting was called to order at 6:03 pm at the library.

In attendance were: Trustees Gloria Parkinson, chairwoman; Wendy Neil, vice chairwoman; Angela DeVivo, Tracy Colangione, and Alexandra Zapantis; and Library Director Marie Letarte Mueller.

  1. APPROVAL OF MINUTES: The minutes amended as follows: Under “Personnel/Committees/Training” in the director’s report, the name Susan Coleman was changed to Susan Allen. Under “LIBRARY WARRANTS” the line: “Everyone agreed.” was changed to “After discussion, it was decided that the signing of warrants will remain as is”. The amended minutes were then unanimously approved.



 Mr. Ward invited Ms. Letarte Mueller to present the library’s draft budget in front of the Selectboard. The presentations will be held on the first and third Wednesday of March and April, beginning on March 6.

Mr. Ward informed the board that the town will launch a new website on March 4. The library’s page will be linked, and there will also be a town wide calendar on the site, so events and programs don’t overlap.

Ms. Parkinson informed Mr. Ward that the library is interested in having the same level of staffing in both the adult and youth services. This addition would create a $7,000-$8,000 difference in funding for the library budget.

The Community Room renovation project was discussed with Mr. Ward. He told trustees that until July 1, 2019, the facilities director will be acting as more of a guide for town departments and that the trustees should use him as an added resource for now. Ultimately, the trustees will be able to make final decisions but Mr. Karlstad should provide expertise on how to properly follow town building regulations.



Ms. Letarte Mueller updated trustees on the warrants and YTD budget.


Community room wall has been repainted. Ms. Neil requested that Ms. Letarte Mueller ask Mr. Karlstad if a skim coating was applied to the walls and if it was not, the trustees would like to know if this is still an option.

Ms. Parkinson informed the trustees that she wrote to the Unitarian Church and they have graciously offered $2,500-$3,000 to put toward the Community Room updates.

A motion was made by Ms. Neil, seconded by Ms. DeVivo to allow Ms. Letarte Mueller to surplus large wooden tables to other town departments if the town’s current surplus policy allows for this.


Bibliotemps: A new temp, Susan Allen, is scheduled to work 28 hours a week from Feb. 1-June 30.

ALA followup: Ms. Letarte Mueller is looking into whether or not the library can issue passports as where to/how to get one was the most common search for 01510.

Katelyn Rivela started February 14th in the youth services area.


Ms. Letarte Mueller is working with an outside consultant to discuss updating wireless.


 Ms. Parkinson and Ms. Colangione will conduct Ms. Letarte Mueller’s annual evalutaion. 


NEXT MEETING: March 26, 2019 at 6 pm.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:41 pm.

Minutes submitted by Alexandra Zapantis, trustee.