December 2015 Minutes

Dec. 17th Library Trustee Minutes

Meeting opened at 6:08 with the Pledge.  Everyone in attendance, except Susan.  Fran made a motion and Russ seconded it to take things out of order.

Audio recording meetings discussed after pledge.  The person taking minutes could pay more attention.  Recording would be used for “back-up”.  Russ said person from public can request audio and we want to let them have a copy of audio for free.  Marie said digital copy can be e-mailed.  Table for further discussion.  Motion to table by Fran and Wendy seconded.

Motion to accept November’s “Unofficial Minutes” by Russ and Fran seconded.  Caroline brought up that a sentence didn’t make sense; it should say under Roy Johnson “making accommodations” for disabilities.  Fran made motion to accept as amended and Caroline seconded that. Unanimous vote.

Code of Ethics discussion.  Gloria made a draft.  Document protects us individually and us as a board.  Prevent from making future missteps.  Gloria entertain a motion to accept draft then discuss.  Wendy made the motion and Fran seconded it.  Caroline said 4th bullet point down was confusing….what laws and regulations should Trustee’s comply with?  State, Federal, etc.  Russ said he doesn’t understand having a code of ethics…what is punishment if we violate code?  He feels another layer of paperwork, etc.  Gloria said distinction is it also pertains as to how a board behaves.  Fellow Trustees can censure  made a motion and Fran seconded to have Code of Ethics document.  Everyone in favor except Russ to have a code of ethics.  Back to #4 we going to add Federal, State, Town laws in bullet.   In #7 confidential nature of “patron or staff records” will be added.  Motion to accept draft as amended by Fran and Caroline 2nd’s it.  All in favor but Russ.

R. Johnson’s ltr./town counsel advice- accommodation.  Tri-fold that goes on desk to help block Roy’s view.  He was very happy it was done.   E-mail from town council entered into minute book as we’ve accomplished “task”.

Charitable gift-Bob said gift fund is also tax deductible, in e-mail so also entered in minutes.

Personnel Board, e-mail of Dec. 10th Gloria sent job description updates (new responsibilities)

Page from Personnel Board that sets the holidays.  Trustee Russ said that it should be noted that the library sets the hours and days of operation.

Staff and Friends of Bigelow Library-Gloria would send thank you letter for all they do.  3 letters- 1 for the staff, one for the Friends, one for the volunteers.  We’re all in favor of this.

Library Insurance update- no answer yet, so tabled for now.  Will talk to insurance agent about liability issues.

Policy on unaccompanied children- Children under 10 must be attended.   Russ made a motion to put bathroom key back upstairs and Caroline 2nd it so kids can’t come down alone.  All in favor.

Director’s weekly hours- exempt position can work as many hours as needed

Director’s report-Budget – “Other Grant” is the gift account; it tends to be spent on programs; money can be moved around so programs don’t stop; State aid can be used for anything; we just received $9,183.74 in state aid.  Nancy started in library position.  User experience conference Marie is going to; what are we doing for our customers.  Emergency exit walkway; bldg. inspector said concrete which no one wanted and Marie getting names of brick layer.  Progress on phone updates; Marie went and picked out 3 phones and phone guy said can’t use them.  Got a new name of phone guy but he had a family emergency.  Now we’re tied in with other town systems.  Marie waiting to hear from Mike Ward if the library can get its own system.  Marie will ask “D2” for a proposal if we are de-coupled  from the town.  Main roof is finished but something has to be built off roof to direct snow; about $55,000, which is part of the roof warrant that was given in June.  Bought a new snowblower this year.

Russ is bringing up who will take care of snow removal if Robert isn’t around.  The DPW does the parking lot but it says on Robert’s job description that he does, so that needs to be fixed.  Robert comes in to do the snow removal of the property. Ask Michael K what he did for snow removal when he was here and what happens at town hall.  Is there anyone who is a possible backup for Robert for snow removal?

Children’s room had a program every day in November.   Programs and Passes going well.

7:45 We’re going into Executive Session to discuss the director’s evaluation.

8:05 came out of executive session.  Open meeting resumed with all but Russ Grady here.

Motion to accept evaluation as revised; Caroline made motion, Fran 2nd and all here in favor.

Got new blinds in the basement. Positive improvement.

Motion to accept Unofficial Minutes of Board of Trustees of Dec. 2nd as amended ; Motion by Caroline and 2nd by Fran.  All approved.

Bob Gibbons e-mail of Dec. 16, 2015 was entered into the minutes.

Caroline moved to adjourn and 2nd by Fran at 8:13.