January 2022 Minutes

Minutes of January 25, 2022 – Board of Library Trustees

  • Hosted on Zoom

In attendance Wendy Neil, chair, Gloria Parkinson, Francisco Ramos, Sarah Laganelli, Karen Nugent, Director Marie Letarte

Colby Armstrong (member of the public)

Call to order 6:02 by Wendy Neil

Public comment

Colby Armstrong expressed his interest in becoming a member of the Library Board of Trustees and wanted to learn more about it.

Motion to approve minutes for Dec by Gloria Parkinson, 2nd by Karen Nugent, Motion to approve minutes for November Karen Nugent, 2nd by Gloria Parkinson. Unanimous vote yes

Motion to approve amended November minutes by Francisco Ramos, 2nd by Gloria Parkinson, unanimous vote yes

New business

Director’s report

  • Painter unavailable until February
  • Community room review of furniture, chairs, historical society display, piano to be assessed
  • Motion to discard/donate old furniture made by Wendy Neil, unanimous vote yes
  • Security camera walkthrough
  • Laptop purchased for inventory
  • E-card – electronic services. For Clinton residents only without cards.
  • February is Library Lovers Month – advocacy opportunity, food drive, raffles
  • Staffing issues, had to close early due to a staff shortage, new hires in process
  • e book usage increased
  • Budget draft – not overly aggressive, salary lines smaller, state aid and temps, facilities, community room, 2021 spending, programs, materials
  • Library Of Unexpected Items (LoUI) marketing

Parking in front of the building is an issue

                        Lane blocked, has to go to traffic committee,

Request “no parking” sign from SB

 Signage/traffic committee

Policing and ticketing – Director will send a formal request to the traffic committee

Request by Gloria to buy a library sign

Old business and subcommittee update

            Advocacy and outreach

                        Branding, signs

                        Cohesive look, immediately recognizable

            Old book collection project

                        Gloria photographing on Thursday

                        Estimate to be made for total quantity

                        Bidding pushed back for another month

            Community room subcommittee

                        Plan to re-open in spring if finished in March


                                    individual lights desired

Date of next meeting: February 22, 2022 6pm

Motion to adjourn at 7:15 by Wendy Neil, 2nd by Gloria Parkinson, unanimous vote yes

Minutes submitted by Gabrielle Turcotte