Genealogy Research

Heritage QuestGenealogical and historical sources accessed from the convenience of your home.

HeritageQuest Online provides a comprehensive collection of genealogical and local history resources. This database makes it convenient to explore billions of American and international genealogical records dating back to the 1700s — including unique primary sources, family and local histories, research guides, interactive census maps and more. Combined with an easy to use search experience, it’s easier than ever for users to discover their ancestors and learn about local people and places from the past.

Key Features:

  • 500+ searchable databases for genealogical research, containing more than 5 billion total records.
  • Robust search interface powered by Ancestry®, the #1 brand for genealogy research.
  • Available for remote access and in-library use for both public and academic libraries around the world.
  • Research aids includes search tips and how to use census and other genealogical data.
  • Interactive map of the U.S. based on the Federal Census, 1790-1920, to view how county boundaries change over time.
  • Digital copy of The Census Book, containing information about Historical U.S. Censuses, Published Statewide Censuses and Indexes, Lost or Missing Censuses, Countywide Census Indexes, Non-population Census Schedules, and blank U.S. Census Forms.

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