August 2014 Minutes

Approved and Amended

Minutes of Trustees Meeting  of August  20,  2014

Meeting called to order at 6:10 p.m.  by Gloria Parkinson. (Nancy Starr to be late). All other trustees in attendance: Caroline Keiger, Fran Purcell , Russ Grady, Susan Franco, and the director, Marie Mueller. Two members of the public were also present, Jim Webster and Ina Purvins. Meeting recorded by Ina.

Pledge of Allegiance was recited. Russ made a motion to accept minutes of July meeting, 2nd by Fran. All members in agreement.


An unofficial Trustee Report dated August 21, 2014 had been included in our monthly packet. After some discussion changes were agreed upon and a motion was made by Caroline to accept the changes. Susan 2nd and all voted in favor of amending the draft.

Director reported the hiring of two people for the recently advertised positions available at the library.   The two chosen for the positions were Michelle Lupien and Mary Smith. They will assume their new positions on September 3rd.


The Board and Marie discussed compiling a Policy Book for the Library — many concerns that came up at a recent staff meeting need to be addressed — among others, when to call 911; who is to be in charge when Marie is away; drug use and general library  behavior. We also talked about the possibility  of obtaining some on-call volunteers. A motion was made for Marie to proceed as necessary. Motion made by Russ, 2nd by Caroline. Everyone in favor.

Also under discussion was the need for a third person to work on Saturdays. We also talked about shortening Friday’s by two hours  which would mean a 4PM closing time. The two hours saved could be added to Thursdays allowing the library to remain open until 8PM. giving us more evening hours.

Russ made a motion to revisit these ideas, 2nd by Caroline and agreed to by everyone.

Marie brought to our attention that new computers are needed for staff and the children’s room PCs need to have the Internet installed on them.


The budget was presented and trustees reviewed chart supplied by Marie. Also discussed grant money and gift account.

Roof is almost finished. The fire box is to be replaced — will cost the library about $2000. Entire town is to be upgraded.

Briefly discussed past programs and upcoming events. See the library calendar for specifics.

An Internet Use Policy and a Request for Removal of Library Materials Form were both approved with corrections to be made to them. Motion to approve as amended was made by Susan, 2nd by Russ and agreed upon by all.

At 7PM motion was made to adjourn Trustees Meeting temporarily.because of a previously made  commitment to hold a Public Forum to take comments concerning the 5-Yr Strategic Plan. Motion  made by Russ, 2nd by Fran and accepted by all. We were joined at this time  by Nancy Starr and Phil Duffy. After some discussions, corrections, etc. the Forum was adjourned at 8PM.

Russ made the motion to resume trustees meeting, Caroline 2nd and all agreed.

We briefly discussed CORI checks for the Staff and Trustees and decided that volunteers should also be included. Marie to handle as soon as possible.

Marie is going to make November an “Amnesty Month” with no fees charged for late materials. Board agreed with this plan.

We confirmed the date of our next meeting for September 18th at 6PM.


Ina Purvins spoke of her concerns about the trustees choosing books from the stacks to be saved for historical purposes.

At 8:20 a motion was made by Russ, 2nd by Susan to go into Executive Session for the purpose of reviewing the bids for the purpose of converting from gas to oil. After discussions we returned to our regular meeting in order to adjourn at 8:45. Motion made by Caroline, 2nd by Nancy and agreed to by all.

Susan Franco, Secretary