September 2014 Minutes

 Trustees Minutes

September 2, 2014

Meeting called to order by Gloria Parkinson at 2:10pm. Present were Russ Grady, Caroline Keiger, Susan Franco, Gloria and Marie Mueller, Director.

Marie passed out new salary grids for non-union employees supplied by the Personnel Board. We briefly discussed the classifications (Grades and Steps) and felt we needed more clarification on a few of the employees positions on the grid. We agreed that those of us who would be available September 8th (next Personnel Board meeting) would attend the meeting and try to have our questions answered.

At 2:20 a motion was made by Caroline and 2nd by Russ to go into Executive Session to discuss the oil to gas conversion for the final time. At 2:30 we came out of Session and returned to our regular meting. Motion to do so was made by Susan, 2nd by Caroline and agreed to by all.

The making of Library Policies was discussed and it was agreed to assess 3 Policies each month at our meetings. This motion was made by Russ and 2nd by Caroline.

Gloria, Caroline and Susan signed up via E-mail to attend a Trustee Orientation in Athol on November 20, 2014. Russ had attended an orientation in Southbridge on August 28, and found it very informative.

At 2:45 all agreed to adjourn our meeting with Caroline making the motion to do so and Russ 2nding.

Susan Franco