February 2016 Minutes

February 18, 2016 Library Trustee Minutes

Meeting opened at 6:00. G. Parkinson, C. Keiger, F. Purcell, R. Grady, W. Neil, in attendance.  S. Franco was absent.

Caroline moved to accept minutes, Russ second it.  Gloria made motion to accept minutes and we all agreed.

Old business- Do we want to record minutes?  Russ and Fran feel not necessary.  Gloria entertain a motion not to record, Fran 2nd.  All in favor of not recording.

Director and Children’s room position put to Personnel Board….looking at pay scale, grids, etc.  Russ wants to discuss that the director’s job was advertised as 35 hour a week job.  Be committed to at least 35 hours.  Does an exempt employee have to work a minimum of 35 hours?

New Business- Nypro Foundation.  A donor wishes to give the library money.  Designated Fund. $10,000 over 4 years. Nypro has not approved yet as it will go before their board. Fran makes a motion to send a letter of appreciation to Nypro, Caroline 2nd all approved.

Director’s report.  Looked at budget.  Looked at 2016 budget draft.  To get state aid have to spend a certain amount on materials.  Adjusted budget takes into account the override with the extra person in there. The “wild card” is the 2% increase in salaries.  Ask the director what money would need from state aid and what left over….need to figure out what the ground floor room needs.

Russ makes a motion to present budget as written to Mike Ward, Fran seconds it, all in favor of motion.

Personnel- Children’s Librarian back full time; going to open Thursday evenings starting in March.  Some problems morning of day library open late; sometimes less staff.

Facilities- Custodian from senior center helped with various custodial tasks.  Could help with snow as well.

Tuesday water was dripping in elevator….shut it off.  Top of elevator rusty….fine to turn on.  Have to change pitch of the roof above the elevator…also rubber roof.  Can tarp the roof temporarily until roof can be redone.

Two quotes from Heritage landscaping…to redo bricks where door won’t open; $1700.  Got a third quote on phones….went back to original person with quote for $3498, 5 extensions.  Russ made a motion to do the phones, Fran second, all in favor.

Programs and passes went out….

Joined Perkins talking book library- blind, hard of hearing, etc.  Data base global road warrior-geography, etc. Yearbooks to be digitized.

Marie going to an HR seminar.

Confirmed next meeting March 17 at 6pm

Russ made motion to adjourn and Fran 2nd; all in favor 7:25