February 2017 Minutes

Library Trustee minutes from meeting of Feb. 16, 2017
The meeting was called to order at 6 p.m. in the library.
Present were: Gloria Parkinson, chairwoman; Wendy Neil, vice chairwoman; Tracy Colangione, Julianna Massalski, and Karen Nugent; and Library Director Marie Mueller.
There were no public comments.
The minutes of the Feb. 8, 2017 meeting were accepted unanimously, 4-0, after two amendments were made: To change the adjournment time from 11:52 p.m. to 11:52 a.m., and to change that a draft letter to the Clinton Home Foundation was to be written by Ms. Parkinson, not Ms. Mueller.
A motion was made by Ms. Colangione and seconded by Ms. Neil to name Ms. Nugent as board secretary. The motion passed unanimously, 4-0. Ms. Nugent will take meeting minutes from now on.
The inclement weather policy was discussed. A motion was made by Ms. Colangione and seconded by Ms. Neil to change a sentence in the third paragraph of the current 2014 policy to: “If the schools have a two-hour delay, the library also has a two-hour delay from scheduled opening.” The change was approved unanimously, 4-0.
Ms. Massalski arrived at 6:50 p.m. and was welcomed by the board for making the meeting on short notice, as she was just informed the night before that she was appointed as a trustee.
There was a discussion on the wording of the draft letter to the Clinton Home Foundation requesting a grant to refurbish the community room in the lower level of the library, and the amount of money to be requested.
Ms. Mueller agreed to get a quote to include a weather-proof door on the Church Street side, and for two “comfy” chairs and a side table. The board then voted unanimously, 5-0, (motion by Ms. Nugent, seconded by Ms. Colangione) to submit a grant proposal to the Clinton Home Foundation for refurbishing the community room, to include: window replacement, wall repair and painting, interior French doors, exterior door replacement, lighting, and furniture. The amount totals approximately $36,000 not including the weather proof door and the two comfy chairs and side table.
Ms. Parkinson will call Caroline Keiger, the president of the Clinton Home Foundation, to see when their next board meeting is scheduled.
Ms. Mueller gave the director’s report.
Trustees decided the top sheet of bi-weekly warrants will be included in individual packets prior to each meeting.
The proposed FY 18 library budget narrative to be presented to the selectmen and Finance Committee was discussed.
Ms. Mueller said trustees must emphasize to town officials that 16 percent of the total library budget must be dedicated to materials. Some small changes were recommended and Ms. Mueller will revise the narrative and email it to trustees.
The board agreed to write a letter in support of a health literature grant proposed by the Clinton Community Area Partnership about health information access. Ms. Parkinson will write the letter, along with an article on the latest trustee news for the library’s next newsletter.
Ms. Mueller raised the issue of getting a phone-booth type enclosure for patrons to make private cell phone calls on their own phones; and about patrons using the library’s telephone for personal calls because some of the patrons have been over-using the one dedicated landline.
Trustees decided to discuss the phone issues at the next meeting, scheduled for 6 p.m. March 23, location to be determined later.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:34 p.m.
Submitted by Karen Nugent

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