October 2020 Minutes

Draft of Trustees Minutes;  October 27, 2020

  1. Call to order- 4:33 pm

In attendance: Gloria Parkinson, Stephanie Amell, Karen Nugent, Sarah Laganelli, Wendy Neil, Russ Grady, Marie Letarte

All present.

  1. Approval of September minutes

Motion to accept the draft minutes made by Wendy and seconded by Karen.

Change in document from Mrs. to Ms.

Clarification on chairperson

Motion to accept amended minutes made by Wendy and seconded by Karen.

Unanimously accepted.

  1. Director’s report

Discussion pertaining to the old book drop.

Russ made a motion to add a second book drop to the front of the building and Karen seconded it.

  1. Budget
  2. Programming updates
  3. Subcommittee updates
  4. Personnel

Discussion about Board of Health. How many patrons vs. staff should be admitted inside of the building at a time, per regulations

Trustees would like director to contact the board of health for guidance now that the town of Clinton has entered the red zone.

Trustees will be updated as soon as the director speaks to the Board of Health.

  1. Chair report

Gloria shared ideas discussing advocacy by Robert Favini of the MBLC.

The library brings so much value to the community at this time.

Perhaps marketing to help advocate (more on this will be discussed at the next meeting).

It was brought up that shared personal stories about the library would be good as well.

Diversification of board discussion.

Gloria inquired about whether the director has to attend subcommittee meetings within in the library. This is only necessary if it is direct relation to business of the library. This is decided on by a case by case.

  1. Community room update

Wendy emailed pictures of possible chairs for the community room.

It was decided that four chairs and two end tables would do.

Town accountant suggested that a town employee, such as the library director, should set up an account to make purchases, if necessary.

Stephanie Amell

(remainder of the minutes taken by Karen Nugent)


  1. Community Room Update

Ms. Neil, chairwoman of the Community Room Subcommittee, told the trustees that Boston Interiors is having a sale, including comfy chairs and end tables. Ms. Letarte asked if Boston Interiors sells business grade furniture. Subcommittee members (Ms. Neil, Mr. Grady, and Ms. Nugent) are unsure.

Ms. Letarte will send links on examples of library furniture from known vendors.

Contractors hired for walls and painting will need to discuss any work with Mr. Karlstad.

After a discussion, a motion (made by Ms. Neil; seconded by Mr. Grady) to allow the subcommittee to spend up to $6,000 on furniture was approved unanimously by the Trustees.

Meeting adjourned at 7:05 pm

Respectfully submitted,

Karen Nugent