March 2023 Minutes

Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes  03/30/23

Board Members Present: Wendy Neil, Sarah Laganelli, Colby Armstrong, Gloria Parkinson, Karen Nugent and Director Marie Letarte

Absent Members: Francisco Ramos

Call to order: 06:21 PM

Public Comment: None

Approval of minutes from previous meeting: Motion made by Colby, seconded by Sarah, approved by all.

Chair’s report: Discussed how all trustees should feel valued and heard. Wendy also included an article found in an HR portal called Live Well, Work Well. She also stated that all trustees and members of the public should feel safe, heard, welcome and included.

Director report:

Estimate was received for new wiring for wifi. $16,000

Security cameras were installed: all exterior doors, and few locations inside.

Friends of Library Made $1,000 of mini golf.

Trustees looked at and the Strategic Plan Goals and objectives for FY24-28

Gloria made motion to approve Goals & Objectives and Wendy seconded, approved by all.

Book Bike was shipped, the trustees appreciate the hard work Marie put in to get the bike. Marie mentioned that we received enough grant money to pay for a staff member to ride it.

Memorial Day parade will be its debut.

Facebook ads were purchased $23 for one month, interaction has grown.

Budget was presented just prior to the meeting at 6:00pm to SelectBoard and FinCom

Subcommittees report: director is presenting at Connecticut Library Conference May 1.

They expect to privately raise at least a $1,000,000 for future building costs

Warrant article for state funded mass public library construction program in May 2024 there will be a warrant article in the June 2023 town meeting. A yes vote would set aside the $150,000 needed to apply for that program. If the application is not accepted, the town keeps the money.

The building subcommittee wants a campaign to support the warrant article

Next building subcommittee meeting is April 18th via ZOOM

New/unfinished business: Gloria mentioned that we are looking for a new member to run in the 2023 election.

Date of next meeting: 04/25/23

Adjournment: 07:26 motion made by Gloria seconded by Sarah, approved by all.