September 2021 Community Room Subcommittee Minutes


The meeting convened at 12:31 pm in the Community Room of the library.

IN ATTENDANCE: Trustees Wendy Neil, chairwoman; E. Russell Grady; Karen Nugent; and Library Director Marie Letarte.

PUBLIC COMMENT: There was none.

Discussion of proposal for storage space: Marie showed us how far out the “closet” would have to go, in order to enclose some pipes and other wall obstructions, in order to remain up to code.  Although it was a bit bigger than previously assumed, the committee unanimously agreed that it still made sense to go forward with having the closets built both for upgrading the décor/look of the room as well as adding storage.  In addition to extra length, per code, plumbing, electrical and fire proofing would need to be added, which made the cost a bit higher than anticipated, but again the committee felt it was worthwhile and agreed that State Aid could be used.  The estimated cost is $33,250.  Because of the amount 2 other bids will be needed so Marie is going to contact Brian Farragher and ask that he tries to get 2 more bids before the September Trustee meeting, if possible.  This will be presented to the full board.

Discussion of paint and carpet: The Community Room subcommittee decided we would go forward ordering carpets and painting the walls once contractors are secured.  Marie spoke to one rug company that said we could not put in both the border rug and the “main” colorful patterned rug as they were 2 different companies with different glue, that Marie was told would make the rugs come up.  Therefore Marie is going to contact another 1 or 2 rug companies (she has another name that the Facilities Director gave her and Russ mentioned a new rug company on Water Street in Clinton).  IF one of the other rug companies say there is no issue in doing the border and main rug Marie will ask them to order them and move forward.  If the other company says there is an issue she will just order the main design/pattern rug so either way a rug will be in process.  There had been some discussion with a contractor about the sub floor but Wendy pointed out that in the next say 10 years we will be either renovating or moving the library so the Community Room rug (and all else in there) is a temporary fix so worth doing even if the floor isn’t perfect.  Again, this room can be used as a marketing tool to ask the town to then move to renovating/building.

Marie had one painter come to see the Community Room but has yet to give her an estimate, so she will contact him again.  The other painter had yet to call Marie back so Marie will try calling him again as well.  Once she gets the estimates, she will pick which painter to use and move forward with the painting, including the accent wall.

The meeting adjourned at 12:53 pm. The motion to adjourn was made by Wendy Neil and seconded by Karen Nugent.

NEXT MEETING: Full Trustee meeting scheduled for 6:00 pm September 23

 Minutes submitted by Wendy Neil