July 2022 Minutes

Board of Library Trustees Meeting minutes for 7/26/2022: 


Trustees present include: Wendy Neil, Gloria Parkinson, Colby Armstrong, Karen Nugent, & library director Marie Letarte. Absent: Sarah Laganelli & Francisco Ramos

Member of the public: Nolan Neil. 

Call to order made by Wendy Neil @ 6:02 

No public comment

Approval of minutes made by Gloria Parkinson as amended, seconded by Wendy Neil. Approved by all trustees. 

Director report discussed the old book collection. Colby was briefed on the history of collection and the process of getting it appraised and putting them out for bid. 

People are stating they are having issues in regard to obtaining forms for the bid. 

Colby made a motion that the Trustees will repost if we don’t get a bid. We also agreed to take any bid that we get. Karen seconded. All approved. 

We also discussed that the policy subcommittee should include a social media policy on their next agenda. 

The advocacy subcommittee is recommending Sage consulting services. 

Motion made by Gloria to hire Sage consulting services as the strategic planning consultant. Seconded by Colby, approved by all. 

Wendy makes motion to go forward with the book bike. 

Seconded by Gloria. Approved by all. 

Colby made a motion to approve new library dress code policy for staff with the addition of no hats and hoodies. Seconded by Gloria. Approved by all. 

Motion made by Colby to contact the director or chair if you cannot come to a meeting. Seconded by Wendy. Approved by all.

Discussion on missing meetings will be tabled. 

Date of next meeting 8/23/22

Motion to adjourn at 7:33 made Gloria seconded by Karen approved by all.